Thursday, October 31, 2019

Amy Wolf and 'OperaTease' at Minnsky Theatre

Amy Wolf

Amy Wolf is with me today.  Amy is a lyric soprano performing leading roles in opera throughout the United States. Amy has performed with Utah Opera, Minnesota Opera, Opera on the James, Duluth Festival Opera, Arbeit Opera Theater, Twin Cities Fringe Opera, and Garden of Song Opera. Amy continues her drive to grow wider and younger audiences to opera.

Amy, have you always known you wanted to be an opera singer?

I didn't know I'd be an opera singer.  We grew up in a small town in Wisconsin.  My dad had perfect pitch.  I actually wanted to be a dancer.  Growing up in a small town-there were not a lot of opportunities to do performance art.  I was always in a choir and enjoyed singing but was shy.  After high school, I decided to take music lessons and I called Macphail and then I met Oksana Bryn (1924-2015) and we had discussed opera and she told me to sign up for the school of music at University of Minnesota, and I auditioned and I got in.  So now I have a bachelors of music in vocal performance.

How is performing for Minnsky's, OperaTease different than performing for a big opera house?

Well, at Minnsky, opera singers do three to four minute arias where you collaborate with performers who often take the song out of context which makes it fun, and the audience likes it more. Sometimes, even when I go to the Opera- I get bored so I like how Minnsky makes the performances short and sweet.  We just did Lucretia and we got such a great response, just being so close to the performers and the strength of the voice and how moving it could be and I just wish more people could experience that, as opposed to the big opera houses because you often have to sit so far away and it can be so expensive.

What are your hobbies outside of singing?

I love to work out.  I was a trained pilates instructor.  I love movement which stems from me wanting to be a dancer.  I love to teach others how to move their body correctly. I have taught Zumba for a while.  I also love dogs and have a few of them.  I hope to foster more dogs after my kids graduate from high school.  I enjoy reading and music like alternative and electronic.

More about OperaTease
Journey North Opera Company and Minnsky Theatre present: OperaTease Winter Wonderland, an opera improv (family-friendly!) cabaret! Experience this captivating evening with the exquisite voices of Journey North Opera as songs are brought to life through the accompaniment of dance, circus, and cabaret! Join us for this fanciful fusion of the arts and opera like you've never seen before! (This show is kid friendly)

Get tickets for November 30th, at 7:30 at

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