Sunday, August 23, 2015

I like the opening of poison tree novel by Erin Kelly. its fast pace beginning reminds me of the fast paced summers of my past.  immersed in walking the streets of downtown. faster and faster rippling through the skyscrapers through their tunnels and up the elevators and paths that I have never touched before. I can escape I can move. Laurie and i had a conversation of greatness about people with multi personality disorders.  they cannot stop.  one in particular she remembers, had to pace, had to move had to talk. talk fast fast, yell, had to clean, talked nothing but of the perfection of cleaning, talking talking, moving their lips just for the sake of moving. eating skittles moving. drinking tea, moving, moving, doing pushups, listening to music, moving, setting up for the next day and moving, fast with great great energy. moving.  i remember those summers and not sleeping, i remember those summers and listening to music that traced my same patterns of thinking that i had in my mind. 


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