Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sunday Post and Twin Cities LIVE virtual Events

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           LOOKING FORWARD TO march

Why do I love LIVE virtual Events?  
Because they are empowering!
I got this idea from events on social media.

A lot of virtual events are popping up on social media and I thought I'd write about them.  
The  #CutOutBar is done by Sam Landman Daily.  Sam is an actor from the Twin Cities who talks about books and music on his show. I liked this show a lot.  You drink with Sam, he adds to whatever comments you have.  You might feel like singing along to one of his songs he plays on his record player.
This show is produced almost daily.

The Fantastic Voyage is a live improv show that I saw last Wednesday.  It was great.  The improvisers took prompts from the audience.  They was like six of them- all streaming from home. Find Fantastic Voyage at
 They played games like:

Brotha Brotha Presents: Alone! Together! Live! The Series

Find it on instagram tonite at 7pm

Find on Instragram @gebretatose and @from_washington
This is an improv show that I like a lot.  John Gebretatose and Denzil Belin are hosts and they take prompts from the audiences.

Brave New Workshop
This is an Improv Show
Laurel Anderson is one of the hosts.

Saturdays at 8pm

I assume that a lot of these shows are running weekly until the isolation is over but I could be wrong.


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