Monday, October 28, 2019

Incarnate, a Cult Play at TCHF

Zach Morgan (left) Lauren Anderson (right) Photo by Ryan Lear
Nissa Nordland Morgan’s play Incarnate is a cult favorite at Twin Cities Horror Fest at The Southern Theater located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. “Welcome to the Oasis” is a line you’ll hear throughout the performance and it may remind you of Ready Player One (the movie).

The Oasis is set in Northern Minnesota, a place where Marigold, (Lauren Anderson)  ensures her followers they’ll find their personal truth under Caretaker Dan (Zach Morgan). Lauren’s booming voice fills any auditorium.  You can find her performing improv at Brave New Workshop which is located in Downtown, Minneapolis.

The play points out many truths of cults in a structured format, opening with a prerecorded film with each of the characters affirming their cult membership. Next comes the introduction to caretaker Dan, followed by doubts from various followers whereby Dan does his best to reaffirm their faith. It's followed by the congregations’ expectation for the harvest season, with an introduction to Rose (Tara Lucchino), a new seed, and how Rose’s isolation and solitude make her the perfect candidate for an arranged marriage to Caretaker Dan.

The audience is given a program by Chuck (Lane Flaten) with songs and asked to follow along, making it seem as if you are not merely an observer but a participant in the congregation. The scene will have you asking ‘What did I get myself into?’ Its much like a walk although a new church or religion.

At one point, the audience or new seeds are invited by actors to come on a stage and receive a communion where caretaker Dan or Marigold streak your forehead with dirt from a potted plant.
Come and immerse yourself in this drama.

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Tuesday, 10/29 - 8:30PM, Thursday, 10/31 - 11:30PM, Sunday, 11/03 - 4:00PM

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