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Gotta love the homes in texas

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Gym short story

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Short story ideas... I'm thinking of expanding on this story I wrote earlier about private school kids turning into monsters.  Or a short mystery piece that has to do with kidnapping, or a piece about an early century writer who is sent on an assignment. Or a piece about a women with a mental illness who struggles to raise her children in a society where people are looking for ways to get her children taken away but she has tricks up her sleeve to make sure that won't happen.

Picture taken of an elevator in Downtown, St Paul library

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Writing: a life unlike dancing

I just finished watching a small documentary about being a ballet artist at NY ballet on Youtube and a lot of what the dancers do remind me of what I am doing as a writer.

 I wake up in the early morning and go to a writer's group with a group of people who have the writing tools in hand and their notebooks  and we all know each other and what we have in mind that day and we come listening and share our laughter over each other's pieces but for some of us, this is very serious warm-up to something bigger, something that we practice three or four times a week.

For instance for me I go to writer's group on Wednesday nights, this group involves me to critique and comment on other writers work, it requires me to to take at least four hours to read each of their 10-18 page stories that are part of a larger book that their working on.  Then every morning I spend 1-2 hours writing my own stories. 

 Every second and third Saturday I participate in book club which allows me to read at least two novels a month and do commentary on a the book with other writers.  I read daily so that I can write better but for writers we are not put in this program like the NY ballet students where we are skilled and drilled at a very young age to dance to our fullest degree every day from the beginning of our adolescence. A lot of being a writer has to do with writing on our own time in the wee hours that we in between activities that sustain the other part of our lives that does not contain writing.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Shakopee vs. Champlyn Park basketball Tournament

Friday, March 6, 2015

Veronica's Room


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