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Writer's tips

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Hannah Hung, Food Writer

Hannah Hung, a food writer writes on average 3-4 restaurant reviews a day with a total accumulated 1,373 restaurant reviews last year alone!  Her reviews are posted on and here's a comment that she wrote on Nando's Peri-Peri restaurant We decided to dine-in (loved the colorful decor, with the cyan-ish lampshades and the awesome art pieces on the wall). All of her posts are at least 300 words long which puts most food writers to shame. Check her out at Hannah Hung  

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Writers tips

1.Don’t go straight out and tell what the profession of a character is but let their profession be slowly revealed.  The reader will figure it out.

2.Think closely about what the story is about.  Is it about an idea? Or is about a single character? If it’s about an idea each character should be revealing that idea in their dialogue and actions.

3.Be careful of wordage in your writing like using  “had” too much.  It takes away from the intensity of the plot.  Example of a wordy sentence is: It took all afternoon.

4.When your writing about a tense situation, you need to show more emotion throughout the section.
 4.Moral decisions, good or bad, need to be consistent throughout a book to make the character believable.

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How to Eat a Cupcake

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A Short Story called:
Question of the Week

"Can I help you?" said the service lady
"Oh yeah. I got this Rug." Shirley said.
"So I see."
Shirley lifts up a flowered rug scrubbed dirty with yellow curry lentils, peppers and tomatoes.  The service lady nodded. 
She seen it all.  The putrid and the bare.  The vomit colored laundry, the Saturday after a Friday night next to an Indian restaurant.  And she had to bare it all.  Shaking her head, the service lady pointed to the gigantic tumbler which was big enough for a bike, a large storage rack and a few other miscellaneous items.


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