Friday, August 30, 2019

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After last week's improv, I decided to go ahead and sign up for another round of Improv for this Friday. Wish me luck. I decided to include a snippet from a story I'm working on. I hope you enjoy


It was a hot July day in Hudson, Wisconsin.

I had just left a comic con soiree and was feeling pretty damn brave in my Iron Man costume. I suggested that we get out on the Saint Croix. “I’ve got an inflatable,” I said.

“Doll?” My friend, Catnip, asked, looking at me sheepishly.

Little surprised Catnip, she knew me better than most and we enjoyed many adventures together. “No Catnip, an inflatable kayak,” I said.

I popped the trunk of my car, “Beep, Beep,” and proceeded to drag the yellow banana shaped kayak out to the lake. ‘Here, take this,” I said, showing Catnip the air pump.

“You know I’m already pretty pumped up.” She said, “And I don’t think Batman wants to go out on the lake.” She pointed at her costume.

“Fine,” I said, I’ll got out by myself.” I knew how to swim, at least I thought I did, there was that time I jumped in grandma’s pool without my water wings and came close to drowning, but alas I’d be able to do this.

I began chanting mantras to reassure myself “Ironman, you are a hero! You are red, you have fought mighty hard. You are goofy-Wait goofy won’t help in this situation. You are calm, a stable rock, and a great adversary. 
Great, I am READY!” I said.

“Just get in there Iron Man”, Catnip called, clawing at me as if she was a cat. I sighed and finished pumping up the kayak, before stooping down and kissing dry land. “It’s been real,” I said, and got in the kayak. As I began paddling out, heaving and hawing with each stride in the water, a massive yacht sailed past. “Hey young lady,” a man said loudly. 

“Ahoy there matey!” I called back, enjoying the friendly banter.

“Hook, Hook, he is the hook,” chanted a young man beside him.

“Looks like it’s time to walk the plank,” the man called before taking an anchor and throwing it into the kayak. “Pop! Sssssss,” and my kayak went sinking with me in it and I shouted, “You shall be avenged Hook,” raising my hand in despair.


Reading:The Secret Place by Tana French, Enchantment by Guy Kawaski, I Know how she Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of their Time by Laura Vanderkam, The Power of Being Yourself by Joe Plumeri, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson

Listening: Everything, Post Malone, including his single "Candy Paint"


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

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Today, I have cast members of MORLS with me today.  They're here to discuss their radio show.  The cast recently did 'Frankenstein' for the 'Fringe'   The Festival is held in Minneapolis, Minnesota every summer, usually during the first two weeks in August.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Sunday Post with Tanaya E. Walker @MnFringe @poetiktanaya

Tanaya E. Walker is with me today to discuss her role in "Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart."

Tanaya, is the woman behind Gretchen. Tanaya is a 28-year-old actress. Since the age of 7, Tanaya has performed on stage for dancing, singing, spoken word/poetry, and acting. Her father Terrence Walker, a musician, has instilled the importance of confidence on stage, and has helped her put everything she’s got into performing. Tanaya feels most at home when she is on stage, and hopes to continue to learn and grow in the acting field.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

'Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf' at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul

If ever there was a play that could earn Woolf’s stamp of approval its Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, directed by Vanessa M.H. Powers, playing at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul through November 17th by The Oxford Comma Theater Cooperative.

The relationships in this play are frighteningly real; every bump and bruise will make you want to go home and kiss your honey, or call it quits. Gary David Keast's performance is the most notable. His depiction of George and his unpredictable behavior was perfect. One moment he’s the angry, intimidating host; the next he’s the nutty professor. The look in his eye captures the insanity of the play. Martha (Katherine Kupiecki) is the jovial, sexy, flirtacious one who entertains her guests.  

Nick (Aaron Lapac) eats up all her flattery as Martha makes her husband, George, jealous. The slew of brilliantly performed lines in this play will have you laughing with joy.  Martha describes her guest Honey by saying, “Oh she’s a housewife, she buys things,” as George mutters,"I always put ice in your drink. You eat it-that’s all.  It’s a habit you have-chewing your ice like a cocker spaniel-you’ll break your big teeth.” and "Honey, you’re being joshed," said by the overly cheerful guest (Kali McMillian).

This fifties themed play is designed to be performed in a small intimate setting and perfect for  Dreamland Arts which opened its doors in 2006.  This forty seat theater is in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of St.Paul, co-founded by Zaraawar Mistry and Leslye Orr. The owners enjoy the freedom to produce shows they care about.

Come see a play that withstands the test of time.  Its plays like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf that help us cling to life.

Dates: Nov 8-17, 2019
Tickets: Pay What You Can ($15-$20) – online at or at the door,
Run Time: 3 hours, including intermission
Age Recommendation: Ages 16+


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