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America's Best Pancakes and Cupcakes

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Short Story

pic 14

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When Workout is Never Enough

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The Show Must Go On:Zumba 101

When I have Problems I join the fantasy World

These are some of my favorite lines from the script, The Killing, a TV show series starring Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman).
I'll miss you show.....I finished the series.

1. Come here
I Need to give a  scrilla some jib jab, need to have a private pow wow
You need to learn to talk English

2.Let's go.
Ugly-a##   bi9^CDS, you get out of here! There's nothing on ViCAP or CODIS for Pastor Mike Sheehan.

3. It's a coward's refuge.
Opiate of the masses.
I thought you liked opiate of the masses.

4.blah, blah.
You know I been clean for almost two years now? Good for you.
That's great.
Not everyone finds their salvation in some stank-a&% basement with a bunch of old booze hounds.

5.Both laugh ] You sure I shouldn't be teaching you how to holla at the shorties, punk? Whatever.
I mean, you can be as smooth as Velveeta, but at the end of the day, you got to take care of your girl.
Protect her, you know? Keep her safe.
This ain't no kind of crib.
You be safe, Bullet.

6.Father of the Year 2013, failed to rehabilitate poor little fu%^d-up me.
That was his mantra.
Hard work and discipline will lead to strength in character.
Apparently, a sh^*-ton of money.
- You seen that house? - You did.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meet the Jamaican Dance Enthusiast

More Zumba today, today we danced to some Jamaican songs to give you some idea of what that is like I attached some examples of clips.

Wing Rider

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

France's Secret Culinary Tour

A Great Powder Day:Life is Good

Friday, January 16, 2015

Messy Kitchen

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Endangered Features:The Art of Baking from Scratch

After seeing the early emerging signs of the chocolate holiday ahead aka Valentine's day.  I wanted to do some research on the best chocolate blogs and see what makes chocolate blogs unique.  I congratulate this business blog by Lake Champlain Chocolates and a post entitled spread chocolate cheer

Don't mind if I do..  I think, gazing out at their beautiful boxes of chocolate and an arrangement  of row upon row of chocolates I never seen before.  I'm like Forest Gump thinking life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. This blog is unique in that it has exactly what I was looking for a chocolate tier dessert.  Now why am I looking for a tier dessert well after watching the movie The Departed there was a scene for which Matt Damon is eating a elegant tier dessert with his co-star Vera Farmiga and I was like I got to see more tier desserts.

 So here is one called chocolate-mille-feuille/ on this blog.  Here is another tier dessert called dalek-chocolate-cake wow very tall, its like the Eiffel tower version of a chocolate cake. 

If those blogs weren't enough for you William Curley has this business website called William Curley Pattisier Chocolatier and it has the most couture chocolates I've ever seen.  Chocolates with big chocolaty ribbons that loom over pastries like big waterfalls. This blog by Clotilde is absolutely amazing because it has all kinds of chocolates mixed with other food combinations that you never thought possible.  Coussin-de-lyon/ is a chocolate pillow dessert popular in France.

 It reminds me of desserts that I used to eat long ago at my Grandmother's house. I come from a long line of women who only eat desserts from scratch, (not box cakes and such) so I would love to come back to this blog and learn some more about the art of baking from scratch. 

 I like the fact this blog also has a vertical Paris garden wall.  I've never seen anything like it.  The writer also has a Chocolate-and-pistachio-surprise-cake-recipe

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H is hr How to enjoy Blog Searching #AtoZchallenge via @trincarl

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Eat, Drink and be Merry:You May Diet

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When Home Feels like a Revolving Door

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Big Fat Donut Purveyor

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Give Me a Bell, I'm Gormless

Shine a Light for Community-MN Artists

If you come South Minneapolis, you need to visit the Community-MN artists stall in the global market, off of Chicago and 27th.  This stall consists of artwork from at least 30 Minnesota artists. The show case items included things like postcards and jewelry made out of old, used wristwatches.  Also recycled materials that have literally been melted down from an artist's stove in order to make earrings.  Finally yarn weaved ornaments that resemble animals like cats and birds, dragons and frogs.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Bees Knees, Belt up and Botch me

Italian Asian Pasta

Last week I selfishly went to Leeann Chin's restaurant and decided I needed to do a little Asian food research if I am to ever to become adequate in Asian food cooking.  These are the cooking blogs that I came across online in my research.   I like this Malaysian cooking blog because its one of the most visited Asian blogs and also because it has some unique food recipes.  It also has pictures of Malaysia with the  writer Ky, on a motorcycle.  Ky has recipes like Sansai Okowa & Chestnut Steam Rice at Isetan KLCCand seafood I never tried for like prawns, snow crab, and fish head. Who says that Asians can't rock desserts on this blog is a fabulous German Sunken Apple Cake( AKA Versunkener Apfelkuchen) which I found so unique in appearance.  Its has your basic apple pie look with a weaved lattice pie-top crust but the apples inside are cored, peeled and  placed like an accordion making it look so fabulous.  I like this blog because showcases a Korean food writer who is a TV chef and cookbook author.   She has a post called Food too Cute to Eat showcasing Sushi Pandas, polar bear in mushroom and cabbage hot tub and Sugar Kitty in a coffee.  I found this blog interesting as it explores Indian food and some of the pictures just pop out at you.   Bright all blue kitchen shelves with bright blue cutlery. And fabulous food photography that gives new life to the typical ginger, cinnamon stick and turmeric typical in Indian dishes. ( I should know, I have to cook for a Pakistani individual daily and let me tell you  that cooking with Turmeric is not my favorite thing to do).


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