Friday, July 25, 2014

Two minute free write on The School

Thursday, July 24, 2014

10 minute Free Write

"Yes, I remember saying that," said Kelly. "When I walked there the first time, I thought for sure I seen a ghost of a child teetering on a see-saw, but it was a hot day I could have been hallucinating; what with the fresh smelling cement." Kelly continued to describe his account.
"I know I should have turned away once I heard a boom inside but the place had a hypnotizing effect on me. It was red and had an organized feel to it, so I stepped inside. I felt at home at that junk yard compared to any other junk yard I had ever been to. It reeked of dirt, dust and grime. It wasn't like most junk yards which were dark and forlorn. No this place was exciting. 
 When I entered, I noticed counter tops that were laid out on the entire front half of the interior. On, one of the countertops closest to the entrance held a sign marked "check out" and behind the center counter tops were customer service representatives, all in black uniforms. And behind one of them sat chirpy girl with black micro braids. I mean, When was the last time you ever seen a girl man handling a junk yard?!" exclaimed Kelly.
 By that time Hendrickson was inside the shop, imagining it with Kelly, walking beside him. “Okay, so it’s an amazing shop, and organized." Interrupted Hendrickson, not seeing the point.
“Yeah, but don’t you see? That’s not the half of it”, continued Kelly. “If you can believe it, this place also had art work. Auto parts made into sculptures shaped like robots. They strode in between the counter tops at their cut off points.
I kept wandering closer to the robot shaped figurines, hoping to identify each part of the human like sculptures.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 minute Free Write

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Minute Free Write

Two minute Free Write
Friday,the girl saw the elevator rising to the top of the floor. Mu-ong, cri-ank, cri-ank. The man saw her before she saw him.  He moved back into the elevator behind the buttons, behind the metallic gold tape that aligned the door frame.  She walked in. 
 "Why, hello! Didn't know anyone else was in here." He looked at her peevishly.  She adjusted her white blouse that hung off her shoulder and stammered her feet. 
 "Oh, my God, Oh my God!"  She uttered frantically and popped a Xanax from a loose compartment in her purse.  The man was beginning to slide further into the elevator trying to blend into its walls.

One minute Free Write

One minute Free Write
Walk faster, you imbecile
We're on an escalator,
so I can walk slow
walk, walk 
walk, you say
How bout I fall
than you can pay

One Minute Free Write

One minute Free Write
Waiting, waiting waiting
Waiting waiting waiting
I gotta go, I've gotta go
Let me in 
I gotta go
Waiting, waiting, waiting please
You drunk a$$ bastard
I gotta pee!

30 sec Free Write

30 sec Free Write
Fall, Fall
I'm falling down.
No your not
You're on the ground
Fall, Fall
You're falling down
No, I'm not, I'm pushing you down.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Minute Free Write

10 Minute Free Write
Camp Tanadoona #Milky Way Galaxy #Fat Kid
"Stop it" she said.  Willard poked her with the pine needed the fifth time that day.  Being the short girl at camp made her the likely victim.  "Stop it, stop it" she screamed once again.  If he wasn't so stalky, she'd push the fat kid over, get her brothers to beat em' up.  But as it was, her brothers were too fascinated in the camp to notice her.  Camp Tanadoona was a week long camp away from home.  Which meant that if she didn't find a way to beat him soon, she'd be tortured the whole week by fat Willard and his grubby hands.  How he found a way to keep hold of a pine needle thinner than any food he indulged was beyond Tina. 
 "Don't worry, we'll get him." yelled Alice, who was sitting next to her. She was screaming out loud to one of the camp's theme songs, "Camp. Tanadoona Camp. Tanadoona Camp. Tanadoon Camp."
"How can you say that?" Tina scream back. Alice tempered her voice at the song's second key change and told her, her plan to get back at Willard.
 "You see... every year, the camp counselors meet at a cabin called "Milky Way" .  Funny the way the camp named each of its cabins after the constellations in the galaxy.  Alice and Tina were in "The Big dipper", that's how they met.
 "Go on." said Tina. "Well, you see... "The Milky Way" is where the counselors put on skits and games for the campers." Alice explained.  "Now, we'll just have Willard volunteer for the "Dare You to Laugh" game.  In the game, camp counselors try to come up with ways to get the campers to laugh and if they do, the campers are singled out and forced to play "Truth or Dare". We'll dare him to tell us who he likes.  "Who he likes-?  "Don't worry, he won't say you, and when he mentions another other girl at camp, we'll say 'I dare you to kiss her', and when he can't we'll taunt him, and remind him of this fact the rest of his stay at camp."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Five minute Free write


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