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Writer's tips

Writer's tips

1.Best writer's advice:Look at your first page in your book you wrote and then scrap it and start your book on the second page.  The first page may never gauge the writer's interest like the second page might.

2.If there is a character in your story with authority make sure the character's underdogs are showing  respect to that character and its consistent. Ex: responding "Yes sir" to commanders.

3.Be careful in using generalizing adjectives like: The character was paralyzed: without explanation of what paralyzed looks like.

4.When describing a setting that is scary, you can't just write: She went through the dark tunnel, she couldn't see any objects, she wished she had her lover by her side.  How is the tunnel scary if there is nothing in the tunnel to suggest its scariness?

5.Its okay to have an abundance of characters as long as readers can come to understand each one of them.

6.You don't need to give the same action verb throughout multiple paragraphs.  For example, He is swimming the channel, he continues to swim even though his heart is racing.   He swims harder and faster than anyone you know.  Readers can assume the action is in continuation without you repeating it.

7.Best writers advice:If you seem to be having trouble continuing the plot, try to hash out everything you can about the main character.

Monday, September 21, 2015

I've made it to 10,000

I've made it to 10,000 views. Thanks and much appreciation and shout-outs go to all my readers of my blog.  It took quite a while to get to this level.  But I take nothing for granted.  They always say count your blessings and look for something positive in everyday and today I'm looking at this achievement.  Thanks once again.


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