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My name is Trin Carl, and thanks for visiting TheGlobalDig .This site is dedicated to providing essential web writing advice, interviews with independent book authors, Minnesota actors and comedians, and reflections on my life, travels and work in Minnesota. 
Before sharing too many details, here’s the quick and dirty lowdown on me:

  • Born and Raised in Minneasota

  • Served as writer and contributor for writing groups and online forums, including , The Sunday Post, Weekend Warriors and Minneapolis Writing Guild.
  • Directed the content strategy for popular articles (5,000 page views per month) and for another blog:
  • Served as writer for The Metropolitan Newspaper
  • Author of one book (in process)
If you’re new to TheGlobalDig,  then I encourage you to take a moment to walk with me down memory lane. I’d like to share with you the history and future of this blog.

The history of TheGlobalDig

The TheGlobalDig was founded by Trin Carl. Trin is one of the best web writers—she has an uncanny ability to write funny, clear, concise, and compelling web articles.
Recently, Trin decided to not only show up to plays and theater events throughout Minnesota but to also interview actors and actresses who have made a name for themselves. All the interviewers have done tremendous work and continue to do great work.

What People have said about Trin Carl

The future of TheGlobalDig

At TheGlobalDig I will continue the work I started. I will share essential writing articlespractical content marketing tips, and reflections on my life and work in Minnesota. My goal is to provide you with book marketing advice and how to connect with people and compel them to action.
The lessons Trin Carl has shared and the tips I aim to provide were not just gained through research and writing posts. These lessons were forged through hard-fought battles in the trenches of life and business.
Here is a sample of some of the posts:
You can visit the Popular Post section to check out more posts from Trin Carl and get a feel for what’s to come from the work I’ll continue.
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I can be reached trincarl at  I am open to hosting interviews with authors or if you have an important cause and want it to be passed on through my site.  Feel free to contact me at:

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