Saturday, July 31, 2021

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           LOOKING FORWARD TO August

This week I watched the Olympics. I learned a lot about synchronized swimming.  There are five big rules including: swimmers cannot wear goggles because it's important for the Olympic judges to see full emotion. The swimmers cannot touch the bottom of pool or where jewelry or play music at the wrong time. And team means team: if a one of the swimmers stops swimming they are disqualified.

 Congrats to the women's gymnastics team for bringing home medals. And for Suni Lee becoming the first Hmong American Gold Medalist. I have a lot of Hmong friends from high school and they are all elated with this victory.  

We will be having our high school reunion soon. (graduated in '02.) Besides the Olympics, I spent some time with two close friends and went to a Mexican restaurant called Boca Chica I was going to try and watch the meteor showers but it rained on Thursday.

Lastly, I drove for UBER and took a few clients here and there.  One lived in downtown Minneapolis and we talked about the parking and fireworks. Another said he had been to 40 of the 50 states (He works as a chef) 

What's your favorite state? I asked.
What helps you get acclimated to a state?
I dunno.  I just meet one person and then they introduce me to another I guess. I'm going to meet my dog now, he said.  The woman I used to stay with in Alaska had my dog.  I been in living in Alaska two years ago, and when I was getting on a flight, Delta said they lost my dog's reservations and it was 4 am... and I needed to get on that flight so I had to leave the dog in Alaska. 

                                    Photos from my week

Horchata from Boca Chica

The studio where we record "Disability Landscape" (Our YouTube Channel)

My son, Zulfiqar, four years ago

Upcoming Shows

Twin Cities Fringe Festival

August 5-15, 2021. Producers from around the world will join us online and in-person during the 2021 
Minnesota Fringe Festival

Charlie and I talk with Joanna Schnedler of Minnesota Music Coalition and Stephen Letnes of Able Artist Foundation. We discuss the relationship between the two organizations and what they offer for musicians with disabilities.



This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

I liked this novel a lot.  The two main characters: Quinn and Minnie (cooper) share the same birthday on the same year. Guess what?!! their parents had them at the same hospital, and their parent's decide to switch names that they were going to give their babies.Oh darn!!! I would hate that to happen.  But it gets lovely when the female protagonist meets her baby stealing name changer at thirty and she finds out he's a millionaire heart throb. How cut is that!!

Roomaid By Sariah Wilson--This contemporary explains what happens when you find out every choice you made was a lie.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Sunday Post #amwriting #amjoy



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           LOOKING FORWARD TO July

Happy Fourth!  I hope everyone gets out and does a lot.  I don't have too much planned but last night I got slightly irritated because people were shooting fireworks right onto the highway bridge and it was distracting as I was on my way too work. 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Review: CAE presents a delightful production of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’ in the parks


Oh to be... outside again... Classical Actors ensemble (CAE) are back for their seventh season of Shakespeare in the Park. This year's production: Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Joe Wiener.


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