Monday, October 28, 2019

TCHF Brings Shrieking Harpies, a Trio that Aims to Scare

The Shrieking Harpies brings musical improv to the Twin Cities Horror Festival at Southern Theater located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.  This musical improv trio has been together for 10 years and features Lizzie Gardner, Taj Ruler, Hannah Wydeven, and Justin Nellis on the keys. 
At the top of the show the group takes suggestions for a title from the audience. The show I saw was called Slasher.
Following musical improv structure, the characters repeat a chorus by singing “Ketchup, pasta sauce, drip, drip, drip,” while miming gestures in the introduction to the scene.
Daryl, (Lizzie Gardner) is an unusual character because he can paint his way out of a situation. He sets up his easel and takes out an imaginary paint brush. Once the group has their unusual character, they’re able play ‘the game’ by adding depth to the scene and backing up like a photographer might to create a larger world view of the story.
At one point Daryl sees two stoners creeping up to his pizza parlar. Soon after, the stoners discover their friend has been killed in the stockroom freezer and they immediately accuse Daryl.
Ragatelli (Hannah Wydeven), is the boss who calls to check up on Daryl and make sure he’s making pizzas in a timely fashion. Daryl is obviously nervous due to the ensuing events of the night, and it shows as he does his best  answers his boss' questions.
The group is able to continue this slasher-like scenario because the characters they develop are highly believable, and although they are exaggerated, they portray the scenario realistically. They bring in sequences that involve an imaginary stove or a grease fire and they repeat them in order to heighten the scene in its present moment.
Eventually, the audience is aware that Ragatelli is a culprit in the murders.  As the story reaches its conclusion, the performance ends with the players returning back to the verse-chorus “ketchup, pasta sauce, drip drip drip.”
Each night will showcase a different story, so come and see where Shrieking Harpies will take their next plot.
Wednesday, 10/30 - 11:30PM, Saturday, 11/2- 2:30 PM Purchase tickets HERE 

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