Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sunday Post #amwriting #amjoy


Celebrate the small things 

I'm celebrating this week the fact that I picked up a yucca plant that someone had labeled as free in their front yard.  I repotted it and we'll see how it grows.

I'm celebrating that we got a lot of rain.  I love rainy days and I included some pictures of things I saw in the rain. We also got a tornado warning but we missed the funnel, Thank God!

I'm also celebrating clients who make me laugh.  One of my clients was furious with a friend who stole her car, but I took her to get a wine cooler and I think she calmed down a bit.

Things I learned from my LYFT clients

  • I learned that a lot of Vermont college students save money by living in tents near campus.  This from a guy who works for public works and is responsible for dispatching personnel to fix up potholes in St Paul.

  • I learned from a History teacher turn Accountant that mutual funds are generally invested into ten different stocks.

That was my week.  Tell me about yours in the comments below.


Listening: Precious You by Helen Monks Takhar


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