Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Haunted Basement will have you screaming 'Uncle'

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I had a lot of spooky fun at the Haunted Basement in Roseville located in a storefront of Rosedale's shopping center.
  It moved from a building in Northeast Minneapolis.  During the Halloween season they offer an 18-plus night for thrill-seekers to enjoy. This haunted house focuses on performance, dance, professional clowning, improv and theatrical influences. You'll need to sign a waiver to give the permission for actors to come in contact with you.

When you’re standing in line waiting to enter, you'll hear guests talking excitedly about their expectations. According to one employee, there has been 50 screams of 'Uncle’ (code word for "get me the hell out of this place"), 6 incidences of accidental urination and 10 instances of projectile vomiting. “I guess you just don’t know what’s going to happen when you’re scared out of your mind.  All I can say, is people need to remember that this is an immersive experience," says one guest with a laugh.

The previous location did have more of that spooky building appeal, which makes haunted houses so atmospheric, but once you get past the "retail" look of the store's exposed rafters and lighting, you can still appreciate the 18 rooms of terror.  For the faint of heart, there are light sensory nights, where the smells and lights are not so aggressive and there are no-touch hours as well.  For the very faint of heart, there are the “Fraidy Cat Tours,” where Basement staff members lead groups of people through the space and explain design details and decisions.  You'll still have to leave your cell phones and any other extra items at the door and you decide the way out of the haunted house as there are many ways.

Monsters and thrills with greet you at every corner as you find your way out of the haunted house.  If you have any acting skills-try having a conversation with anyone of the mutants, goblins, ghouls, gnomes, devils, clowns or costumed creatures of the night. If you’re one of those happy go lucky folks, engage in a romp with an actor in the neon room where dancing is encouraged.
Come have a blast and don't forget your ID.

Tickets at: Hauntedbasement.org

Three days left, Oct 31st and Nov 1-2

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