Friday, March 1, 2019

Happy New Year

Remembering my year in 2014

I did yoga today.  You know what yoga is; downward dog and plank's pose that goes along with stretching every muscle in your body.  But today our Teacher told us to meditate take two long breaths and along with it think of two things that happened every month this year.  Those things could have been things like successes or challenges.  "Its important to reflect and take time to give yourself achknowledement for what you have done throughout the year." she said.

This is a list of my 24 things that happened to me throughout 2014
Breath in, Breath out

1.      Went to eat at my favorite restaurant Ocean (an Asian restaurant) three times
2.      Raced some people on the side roads
3.      someone passed
4.      Zahdi came to United States
5.      spent more time outside sitting on porch people-watching
6.      bought new used car by myself including loan etc
7.      found out my brother was moving out
8.      grandma passed on, I miss her tremendously
9.      helped someone
10.  read a big gigantic book called Little Friend by Donna Tartt
11.  read another big book called The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
12.  helped a friend get a job at a hospital
13.  went to Duluth
14.  Lost my $400 damage deposit to a woman who is a bad landlord and got it back by being assertive.
15.  Went to gym 12 times in a month
16.  Did some things I planned in October
17.  Helped My mom
18.  Said some heartbreaking words to people that I regret
19.  Took some people with disabilities to countless amounts of plays and outings
20.  Got recognized
21.  Lost two jobs
22.  Gained two jobs
23.  Found out that I am somewhat stubborn
24.  Enjoyed December holiday this year more than I have in the past 15 years.



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