Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Update-I had some job success and was offered a position but turned it down.  It was about the same pay BUT I'd have to work weekends.  I read somewhere online that you should try to take jobs that are paying what you're worth and take jobs that you're passionate about.
Perch Lake
Perch Lake Statue
This week I went kayaking again.  This time in Wisconsin at Perch Lake.  It's a rather small lake and has two beaches.  It was perfect.  I saw two girls doing headstands on their paddle boards which made the experience memorable.  But I guess there are a lot of cool things at the bottom of this lake according to a scuba-diving Youtuber .

This week, I also listened to Quentin Tarantino give a talk.  Quentin is the writer of Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Django, Inglorious Basterds and many other others movies.  Tarantino talked about how he doesn't think past the middle of a script when writing, because by the time he gets to the middle, he knows the characters very well and the story changes because of that.  He says he chooses very specific actors for his parts and he can answer any question an actor has about a character, down to the place where that character was born.