Saturday, December 15, 2018

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I had a great week. I got to sit in for an open play through the Twin Cities, Playwright center.  I was the one on the big screen, Google Hangouts, reading the script, while everyone else was sitting at a table in a meeting room.  I'll be adapting my novel to a script so that I'll have my own play read by actors. It's a lot easier to format aplay when you've already got it written down. 
On another note, a lot of people seemed really interested in my work at Grubhub so I thought I'd expand on that.  Like most jobs it's a lot easier after you get through the anxiety of applying and following through with the training.  

My job training specialist was open to all questions I had about the job.  Some of the things he talked about included the driving boundaries.  There are four central cities in Minnesota that Grubhub caters to. There are a lot of restaurants and fast food joints that Grub hub are connected with, hence the reason why there are four cities.  Not a lot of cities are yet connected with the app. (That will change) One of them is in St. Paul.  Since I live near St. Paul, my blocks are assigned strictly to that area. 

 I was given two fancy delivery bags and a hat and a couple of shirts.  Luckily these were free.  The GPS app is connected with the Grubhub app so that makes it easy for driving to customers' homes.  One of the pitfalls is that a few customers' addresses can not be located on the map.  For example one time I got sent to a home- only to find out it was on the other side of the highway. And so a quick call to the customer is all it took to help me locate them.  

Because I absolutely love  discussion, I included a Reddit discussion page of Grubhub.  It includes a lot of unpopular opinion ,and the 'insides' of the job.  Here's the link:

Overall, I've been having a great experience and hope that continues.


Reading:  Before I Find You by Ali Knight, 

The Likeness by Tana French, The Moonlit Garden b Corina Bomann, Attraction by Penny Reid, Dead Certain by Adam Mitzner

Listening:Foul Play by Janet Evanovich

Watching: My Brilliant Friend


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