Saturday, September 9, 2017

Weekend Warriors #Wewriwa

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write!  Sign up on the and share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday.
This is a small snippet from a new piece of work I'm writing

I’m a man who can always feel the liquor in my chest as it soothes and heats my throat. And then right after, mind f#@$*&! numbness.
I used to be a stock boy at the grocery store. I used to greet old women as I walked around the store armed with nothing but a price scanner, a box cutter and a walkie-talkie.
‘Grocery to register nine.’
"God damn," sorry I just had to say it. It’s the damn CSM calling me up front and there’s no way I’m going. Not today, I think. 

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