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Shear Luck Review #thursdaytreat #amreading

Title: Shear Luck

[on Amazon | on Goodreads]
Author: B.Sue Seabury [Goodreads]
Genres: Romance

Length: 200 pages
Year: 2017
Stars: 5/5
Will appeal to: anyone who likes romance and/or a good laugh.

Blurb:It’s sheer luck when the Queen of Coiffure books the wrong flight and meets Mr. Mane Attraction.

Kandi is all set to open the hottest hair salon in West Hollywood. The only thing she needs is a teensy bit of cash to cover the rent. Should be no harder than trimming up split ends with all the investors headed to the First Annual Hairstravaganza in Juno Beach, Florida.

**Amazon Synopsis

In this light romantic comedy, author Seabury tells the story from the points of view of main characters Mario and Kandi. As a reader I was initially concerned that the dual narrative would leave little room for minor characters to react to the ongoing plot sequences, but Seabury did a fine job including the support system of both Mario and Kandi, whether it was a mom or dad joining in on the banter, or a friend who was forming an opinion on these potential love birds.

I felt Shear Luck was particularly strong in the area of character development. The plot line shared with readers what can go wrong; both in the air and in the airport.

I'm often hesitant to read romance because some plot sequences are so cliché and I can often predict the ending even if the author tries to throw in a twist. This wasn't the case with this novel.

The general premise centers around Kandi's encounter with Mario. Don't judge a book by its cover. Kandi's attraction to Mario is evident and her inner thoughts towards him are hilarious. "That nice man turned out nuts." She pictures Mario in a future ad for her salon: "Hair down, shirt off a must."

Mario's initial reaction towards Kandi is also filled with both wit and sarcasm, "I ask her what hair product she uses, huge mistake." The fact that Kandi is in the business of Hair and Beauty and Mario is clueless makes the interaction between them worth remembering.

In Shear Luck, Sue Seabury has written a delightful romance and I would certainly read this again.

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