Sunday, December 7, 2014

Story #2, A story of Zombies: Five scares in December

The Zombies' quickened movements allow suspense in their dance. Their legs constantly fidget and move rapidly.  A scream
shrieks out at one point of the song and the sound is so loud that some of the audience screams in enjoyment matching the screamer's pitch.

There isn't for a moment a single dancer getting out of character, some of the looks on the dancers faces are so intense that they frighten the audience, their red lips reminiscent of blood of human they recently devoured.  A dancer bangs her head down, she's the obvious leader of the pack in an all-white tattered zombie dress. She dances in front of them.  The dancers are in four lines and each line slowly descends to the floor.  The front row is down first
till the very last row.  Each of the rows are crawling on the ground, and their newest captured human
emerges from a huddle that the dancers created to show that she's transitioned into a zombie herself.  Her first walks in front of the dancers show that she is staggering like a toddler taking its first steps.


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