Sunday, September 1, 2019

Recognize this Commercial?

Actress Joy Dolo joins us today for an interview.

Joy was born in Liberia and currently lives and works in the Twin Cities. She has a B.A. in Theater Arts and has worked with a variety of Theater Companies. She can be contacted on twitter or facebook.

And onto the interview...
Actress Joy Dolo (above)

In the performance, Fiddler on the Roof, were there roles that were difficult to transition into?
Our fabulous costume designer Trevor Bowen made our outfits beautiful and easy to manage. For most of us, we just had to throw on a hat for the men and a scarf for the women. Creating two very different characters was the fun part. Being able to physically embody a man, I chose to push my belly out as far as I could. In a way, that was my middle finger to patriarchal society.

What was the most extreme change to personality, hair, body, etc that you have done to prepare for a role?
The most dramatic thing I have ever done was for a role where I played Tiresias in a version of Oedipus. We used dryer sheets and makeup magic over my eyes so I would appear as if I had empty sockets. It looked killer. As far as body changing, I lost a ton of weight working at CTC!(theater)

In Fiddler on the Roof, you had both male and female roles, was this difficult to do?  Or hard to keep track of?
It was hard to keep track of where I enter and with which character in the beginning. But after a few runs during rehearsal, it became so much easier. Each character has their own reason for being. I try to focus on what Chava wants in her scene in that moment, and the next scene what Mordcha, the Innkeeper wants. They are both so different, its hard to confuse them!

Actor Steven Epp and Joy Dolo pictured (above)

Besides Fiddler on the Roof, is there anything else you are working on now?
I am working on Blackout (Blackout Improv is the only all black improv group in MN.) shows and gigs. We have a show every 3rd Friday at Phoenix theater. We talk about real life challenges and joys from a Black perspective, and then we do improv based on that conversation.
We also have a fabulous writing team that produces sketches for us. I am also in a group called Theater of Public Policy that will start their season run at Bryant Lake Bowl. Our host interviews policy makers and then we do improv following the interview. I do a lot of improv now a days... Next I'll be understudying at the Guthrie, and performing in The Jungle's production of "Fly By Night"!
Joy, when I first saw you in The Fiddler on the Roof , I felt I had

déjà vu and now I know where I saw you before... a Health Partners commercial. I can check -Interviewing TV Actress- off my bucket list.

Of all the roles you played in the past which is your favorite?
Its hard to say, as I try to find joy (no pun intended) in every role I do. I am having a blast with this cast and Fiddler. I have also enjoyed working on "Disenchanted" where I played the Frog Princess and hung out with some amazingly talented and loving women and crew. I also loved working at CTC, Frank Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata, and many many more!

How long did you have to practice for Fiddler on the Roof?
We practiced for about a month before we started our tour.

What is a question you’ve always wanted to be asked?

Would you like 1 bajillion dollars? My answer would be yes.

Last question, if you could give advice to a younger actor/actress what would it be?
You can achieve anything if you focus and work hard. Which is probably the corniest way to put it. Acting is an ever-evolving craft. Read books, do workshops, watch a ton of people you admire, ask them out for coffee, pick their brains, be curious, and NEVER stop learning. Also, positivity and humility go a looooonnnng way.

Well said Joy! Thanks for joining me for a chat on theglobaldig.
Thanks for having me.  
Readers if you have any questions for Joy, list them in the comments below. Joy will be performing at:
Blackout! (The Twin Cities ONLY all black improv group) @Phoenix Theater Every 3rd Friday 10:30pm
Theater of Public Policy @Bryant Lake Bowl

Joy Dollo (center) with Blackout Actors (above)

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