Friday, May 6, 2016

I really like this snarky review of a book

Remembrance: A Mediator Novel Paperback – February 2, 2016
by Meg Cabot  (Author)So, Paul Slater is back, again, and trying to force Suze to sleep with him. I was sooo tired of this storyline. So what does Suze do about it this time? Get a restraining order? NOPE. Only normal people think with the brains they've been gifted with. Does she tell her fiancé that Paul is trying to blackmail her? NOPE. She just lies some more, which has truly become her modus operandi. Paul has decided that he wants to relieve Suze of her virginity. So, why wouldn't she just move her wedding up, then that little issue could have been dealt with easily enough... But, oh no, we can't have that because Jesse wants to drag the sexual frustration out for years on end. The whole story just kind of peeved me off. This kind of stuff doesn't happen in every day life because we call the cops when needed, tell our fiancé(s) the truth, and we don't buckle under to ridiculous blackmail and then drug people later to try to get out of it. What a silly mess this book was. I get that it's fiction, but Suze turned into an absolute idiot as an adult. I could forgive some of her stupidity as a teen, but unfortunately, the adult version of Suze hasn't gotten any better.
AMAZON!!! Why did I pay $12.53 for this on 2/1/16, just to have the price drop to $10.99 a few days later? Maybe I won't preorder things anymore, if I'm going to get ripped on the price.

review by By DvusLeoGirl


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