Saturday, February 10, 2018

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No one likes it when their family life changes.  This is particularly hard for the Radtke's.  A troublesome girl named Tracey enters their lives and the children are an endless journey to make sure this girl doesn't get into any further trouble or cause their parents to lose their fostering license.  These are snippets from my second novella in the series, "Oh Tracey."

Last week
 He then turned on his meter and said. “Where to?”
“Follow that car,” I said once again.
He did so and we pulled up alongside the Buck Tracey was in. Tracey was going through her purse and I got a better look at the dude in the driver seat. He looked over at me.
I waved at him and then thought better of it and leaned down in my seat instead. When the light turned green, a car got in front of us and didn’t move right away so the cabbie went around it. The Buick turned into another strip mall and the driver parked in front of a mall entrance and Tracey got out the car and took off a pair of sunglasses. She was now wearing a trench coat and went into the entrance of an Applebees.

This Week

“Park there,” I said to the cabbie, pointing to an open space a few cars behind the Buick.
I turned to Zion. “Should we follow her?”

“That’s right Columbo,” he said.

I paid the driver, and Zion and I got out of the cab and went towards the Applebees. I opened a door with a red handle and was greeted to the dark smoke of the bar.

“How many today?” asked the hostess, extending some menus.

I was glad she didn’t ask us our age. “We’re not staying,” I said.

Zion pilfered some mints from a little dish on the hostess podium.
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