Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sasha and the Job Orientation

As of now, Isabel the teacher coordinator of the London Arts School had made arrangements for the both Sasha and Kamila to have a lunch she could give them an orientation of the school and make them aware of the ethics of the school, the code of conduct, vacations, direct deposit, scheduling, and the core of what they would be teaching.  They were to go to a cafe nearby, and luckily enough that afternoon it was sunny and gave both Sasha and Kamila a chance to relax their eyes on some of the residential surroundings in London. 

The houses they passed were brick, some yellow, some with white hinges.  They walked over thin bridge, with the bordering of River Thames, to keep them company, that and weeping willow trees.

Kamila and Sasha couldn't help themselves make comments as they followed and practically chased the coordinator as she walked viciously, fast, and they trailed her through the subway stations and they made comments about the underground Tube system. 

"Ain't this just like a Global Dig  futuristic movie! said Kamila, she was running her hands over the various newspapers stalls that sold your everyday conveniences, candy, water, refreshments, phone cards, and what-have yous.


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