photoSasha chuckled to herself.  And she meant it.  On the train, it was silent as hell.  She had to liven' it up, by discussing her plans with Kamila who was dressed in a similar get-up.  A black dress and black pumps, and only a small, black purse for which reached in at that moment and grabbed her lip gloss.  Buying a lip gloss here, was dangerous pursuit as they were often larger then the span of your wrist to your middle finger, easily mistaken for a vibrator.  And all the more reason for Kamila to take it out and apply it to her lips with a big ole' SMACK.  Everything they did, these days, seemed to be done with exaggeration, as they were always off in their own world in London., the two Americans.  Everything they did: fresh and new, and individual.  A french, African made eye contact and began to speak in french to her in rapid tones, mistaken Kamila for a french, American Ambassador.  Kamilia just blushed a smiled back, saying Je m'appelle Kamilia Je m'appelle  and eyed him for a second, and sharp, black coat againt gray tight jeans.