Friday, February 2, 2018

P is for Plays #AtoZchallenge via @trincarl

My theme for the #AtoZchallenge this year is anything Writer(ly).  It's important as a writer to see arts and performances.  Therefore, these are plays that I've been to in the past ten years that have been adapted from books.  Readers, I included the sites of these performances in case you're ever in Minnesota and are inclined to see a play.

Beauty and the Beast youth performance 
Where? Sabes, JCC in St Louis Park, MN
Memory:A teenage actress played the role of Gaston and she was so incredibly funny with her fake beard and the way she flexed her muscles.

Little Mermaid
Where? Stages Theater, Hopkins,MN
Memory: The costumes for Sebastian and Flounder were so unique and adorable.  There was also neon lights to make the eels glow in the dark.

***A clip from The Little Mermaid at Stages Theater

Programme from History Theater

Into the Woods, The Musical
Where? History Theater, St. Paul,MN
Cinderella's prince was absolutely hilarious. The cool thing about History theater is that the actors are students from McNally Smith theater ensemble and study music.

Aimee K. Bryant (pictured above)
The Music Man
Programme for The Music Man TTT
Where:Ten Thousand Things Theater, Edison High school (note TTT performs at many community venues)
Memory:Aimee K.Bryant was performing and I later saw her at Target Field for a kid's baseball season opener.  She was performing a song.

It's interesting to see the development of an actor/ess, especially if you see them perform in more than one event in your community.  I remember seeing an actress perform at Playwright center and then a couple weeks later perform for TTT theater.  I went up to her after intermission and told her she did great in both performances. When we sat back down to watch the play, she used me as a prop and patted my head.  I was thrilled. (The cool thing about TTT is that you sit on the same stage that the actor/esses perform on).

***A clip featuring Aimee K.Bryant from the performance Heroes:A celebration of Women who changed History (Fitzgerald Theater).

Junie B. Jones, The Musical
Where? Stages Theater, Hopkins, MN
Memory:The stage for Junie B. Jones had kids poppin' out from second floor, multi-color windows.

Programme from TTT theater
Romeo and Juliet
Where:Ten Thousand Things Theater (TTT), Mpls
Memory:What was most memorable was the fight scenes.

Where?The History Theater
Memory: Women wearing poodle skirts with their hair in all sorts of styles and of course the "hairspray."

Readers, if you been to any plays based on books please list them in the comments below.

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