Sunday, February 18, 2024

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On Thursday I met some writers group at La Salsa restaurant in Minneapolis.  It was an anniversary to celebrate the group.  We did an icebreaker to meet some of the new members by answering some questions on a piece of paper and reading them out loud in a character voice and tried to guess who the writer was.  It was incredibly fun.  I took my son to Chuck E Cheese and we had a great time playing games and trying to get high scores.

Its been incredibly warm this week and it's been nice to walk outside and explore.

My tax money came in and I'm thrilled about that.  Not sure what I'll invest it in. 

I have been trying to collaborate more with other actors and I met someone who wants to video a comedy sketch so I'm memorizing some lines and it should be great.

La Salsa Restaurant

That's my week. Tell me about yours in the comments below.



Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sunday Post




I met with a friend for lunch at Teresa's, Mexican restaurant.
I did some improv on  Thursday night. In the scenes I was a media specilist for comic con.  Some great scenes were done.  I got in my head a bit but 30 minutes in I was really feeling the improv.

The week kind of flashed by and it was a little out of the ordinary for me, as I struggled with a twitching in my eye that may have been stressed induced, and I didn't currently have medical insurance so I couldn't get it checked out.  MNsure had allowed everyone to keep their insurance through the pandemic but in November they sent renewal packages out and it caught me off guard and I didn't send mine back in on time.  Luckily, I noticed that they reinstated my insurance as of Friday, but by then the twitching was gone. 

Grateful list

Grateful for tax money
friends invitations
places we go to reunite
my son inviting me to his Roblox games
For good days.


I watched Love is Blind (Sweden) I enjoyed learning about the Swedish culture and seeing Stockholm and seeing the inside of flats. I liked seeing some of the bigger homes in the countryside and they looked so cozy I was kind of wondering how they found women to come on shows like this to marry complete strangers. During the reunion show they did not use voice overs like they had for the other episodes of the seasons. I watched the Japanese version as well, and it was quite the culture contrast compared to American culture.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Sunday Post




 This week I had Thursday off and went to Target and got some things like ear buds and markers for my son.  He loves to color these Roblox characters and to make squishies out of them with construction paper. I loved having the day off because I got seven hours of sleep which is something I haven't felt in months.  They actually say that Minnesotans in general are less stressed because of the amount of sleep we get(And that we have corporate jobs here) but I still question that theory.

My son at the Coffee shop

Earlier in the week, I did improv with Oozebear and we did a lot of scenes about Rick and Morty while the main characters were stoners.

It's been warmer here with temps in the 30's.  I've been calculating in celsius on TANDEM, the language learning app.  It's been interesting to hear people around the world comment on how cold or warm it's been. Of course Canadians  say it's quite cold there, followed by Petersburg, Russia and Moscow.

On Saturday, I met some writers at a library and we migrated to a coffee shop and talked shop. I took my son with me, which was a big thrill. It's often quite hard to take him to some of my hobbies and interests like writers groups and improv activities because sometimes they don't allow kids but I LOVE, LOVE Love tagging him around with me all day.  

One of the writers in the group is visually impaired and he talked about how he translates manuscripts for schools.  His biggest laughable moment was when he was listening to a podcast and a visual-abled person said, "Wow, there was a blind woman at the library." 

"Yes, there's always been blind people at libraries."

"Yes, but she was reading those bumpy papers."

"Yes, blind people have always always read braille."

He said he doesn't like it when people on the bus often grab him but the waist to direct him.

Lastly, I took my son to the Eagles Nest to burn off some energy and run around with other kids. 
I tried exercise myself while there by walking up and down the hallways and reading books.


In Rapt, acclaimed behavioral science writer Winifred Gallagher makes the radical argument that the quality of your life largely depends on what you choose to pay attention to and how you choose to do it. Gallagher grapples with provocative questions—Can we train our focus? What’s different about the way creative people pay attention? Why do we often zero in on the wrong factors when making big decisions, like where to move?—driving us to reconsider what we think we know about attention.

I spoke about Maqluba which is a Palestinian dish 
Seasoned rice, baked vegetables like cauliflower, potatoes, eggplant, and tender pieces of lamb.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Sunday Post




This week was extremely cold in Minnesota.  The first thing my UBER passengers did when they got in the car was talk about how cold it was. I wanted so badly to sit in a hot tub to get warm and thought about how I could do that at the YMCA but alas, it did not happen. Surprisingly even though it was very cold I still managed to walk nearly five miles a day, and would often walk between rides or around the track at the Y. I was extremely proud of myself.

Outdoor Minnesota Gopher stadium

The ritzy area of Edina

On Saturday, I went to do improv at Inver Grove studio. I did a lot of scenes that had to do with lunch ladies. We played a game called switch characters. And then I was in a game called Two line Phrase, where I was only allowed to say these two lines:

 "Is this supposed to be there?" And "That's a terrible smell," while the main character was doing the best to respond to my inoculous phrases.

I've been watching Loki and I love the time travelling concepts in this Disney Plus series.

Mohamed Al-Arasi YouTube Channel.  I met this individual recently on the tandem language app. Orginally from Yemen, Mohamed talks about the Journey of becoming a new Vlogger and I find him to be quite eloquent and I believe he will go real far in the influencer community. He talks a lot about the distractions in our lifes and how meditation and reflection is important.


(top tier, second to the right) With Kay Marie & Carol's school of dance.


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