Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Why am I celebrating more stories?
Because stories are so great!

I got this idea from LYFT clients.

Some stories I heard....I gu told me about how Pizza Hut is busy. How clients tend to order at Midnight and closing time, and how he's got to run around the store and re-heat ovens and make boxes at the last minute. A few of the customers come in trashed and it takes them twenty minutes to order a pizza so says, "Here, this is what you want, lots of pizza and Carbs" and then places their order.

Another told me about his business selling movies and salt and pepper shakers on E-bay. He said he turned quite a profit, (particularly sending 30 movies) and he simply attaches the shipping to the cost.

Another told me about How the Best Western near the state capitol in Saint Paul is hosting rooms for the homeless, and she thought it was a great program because a lot of politicians tend to stay at that particular Best Western.  

Lastly, I picked up someone who said they were a lifeskills coach for people who just got out of the penitentiary.  This person is obviously doing great work to help people get back on their feet and they said they love their job because they're giving back and she remembers a day when someone had helped her out and that's why she said she loves her work and lives grateful for every moment.

After picking up famous Youtuber and BMX bike stunt devil, Anthony Panza  (read about it here) Panza I'm still giving thought to posting my LYFT experiences to YOUTUBE with my client's permission of course.  It would take a lot of courage.  Here is a small snippet of a ride.

That was my week, please tell me about yours in the comments below.


Reading:The Cactus By Sarah Haywood


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