Monday, November 26, 2012

Wishing Sasha would be as excited as she was for her trip to Switzerland, Kamila placed a couple of travel brochures on the counter for Sasha to look at.  Kamila knew that Sasha was in a panic recently.  She hadn't heard the best news from Kamila, the student teaching coordinator who had recently told her friend, Sasha, that her students at the London Arts School had found her teaching methods poor and somewhat unfathonable.  they did things differently in London, Isabel the teaching coordinator had reminded Sasha, and Sasha had reported the same comment to Kamila.

Lately, nothing seemed to shake Sasha from her sullen stoupor, the fact that she could lose her job and any possibility of a dream shook Sasha from her very foundation.  She wasn't the same.  She didn't corrouse the town with Kamila like she used to.  After an invitation to a fellow teaccher's birthday, Sasha dismissed the invitation and ignored the text.  It was unlike Sasha to act like this, thought Kamila.  She never turned down social gatherings, she knew they would lead to further opportunites to meet people in UK.
The coordinator's father wanted to surprise his daughter on a trip to the UK.  He had a couple of trips under his belt before retirement, and he could tell that his daughter wanted the companionship.   He had an agenda of his own and although he was getting on in age, what with his bronchitis and Ataxia that seemed to both attach his lungs and almost bring him to his knees in any attempts at walking, he'd make the trip, for his daughter's sake.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hoping to strike up another adventure to France with some of my favorite songs in the background, picking up the momentum, picking up the hope as I pick up hours at work, and hope for the magical adventure.

Listening to boys to Men

The world's greatest:R Kelly


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