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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

# 1 Derrick and "Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

# 1 Derrick and "Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again"

Derek finally made it to the studio that day, he liked the routine of his studio, with T in charge and Kim, Rhoda, and Muna.  They kept things rollin' the way he wanted.

 T standing behind the booth-like-counter, to the right of a small area where they kept all the documents on dancers payments, and what not.  In the back of the studio, is where all the awards stood, as well as the pictures of dancers in their recital.

This year, a brand new picture of their stars revealed dancers in hula Hawaiian outfits, bright purple top bikini's and brand new furling outfits.  Each stood out., just like they were supposed in the Global Dig of things

He loved putting together that dance for that particular group, because it was a brand new dance that they were experimenting with at the time, "Samba".

Even the word "Samba" stood out with an African, Caribbean vibe that spoke fresh and energetic. This was something that clientele loved. The studio's opening had been in the early 90's, and anything new brought on talk, and that talk brought in what he loved even more "clientele".

"Hi Derrek", Sherry said, "How's business going?"


faith and miguel


Faith walked back home and sat on her stoop thinkin' of all the possibilities in front of her.

Frankie would be home any minute. Frankie was Faith's roommate/ex boyfriend who shared their duplex on 23rd and Main.

Faith kicked up a few pebbles and clutched her phone. Frankie's brother was home, and she could hear her favorite Pitbull song, sending a Buzz through the window above her head.

She stared up to the landing ,trying to see Frankie's brother: Miguel. She gave her blond hair-sprayed bangs a curl through her fingers and approached the landing. Fumbling up the stairs, her tight jeans made her efforts a challenge.

"Miguel!!!!!!! Frankie Home?" yelled Faith.

"No, Faithy", yelled back Miguel. She ascended the stairs, nevertheless, to find Miguel sitting in the kitchen, a hallow breeze sailing around the kitchen's walls.

No matter how many times Faith used Clorox to clean that kitchen, she still found tiny bugs, ants really, or a common roach squirming across the floor to drive herself nearly insane.

It didn't help that Frankie was always strung out on his Heroine habit, making Faith's attempt at cleaning both perilous and pointless.

He'd point to a roach, scream 7-8 times, pant, rave, and push his hands against his eyeballs in an attempt to hide out from the roaches, which were practically crawling in his brain, due to his habit.

Then he began tossing around sugar, using it as some sort of insect repellent and the white grains spewed everywhere, hitting up the roaches and sending them on a wave across the kitchen floor, and merely hastening the bug's quick steps, instead of doing the deed of killing them: once and for all.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sasha's dream Poll

Sasha was in her dorm style home now in the Uk. After a month in London and despite her many attempts to keep her headphones on, (listening to her favorite tunes), so that she wouldn't feel one pinch of loneliness, she felt it coming on, the dreaded homesickness. Her room mate would be home in less than a minute. But with her French door opened to the balcony, she found herself gazing out and thinking back to home and to the school and to the hospital and good ole' Norbu.

photoShe had a brief recollection of her job at the Hospital in the States with Norbu. A dream bubble…..

"Tell me again why it's so important for you to check online "The Tibetan News"?" asked Sasha

"So I can see for myself what's going on, if any more monks are being captures…if the Chinese army is further penetrating into Tibet ,and trying to pass more of their laws on us." said Nor, who was still stirring the soup. Sasha was following him, quizzing him.

"Do you still go to protest at the capital too?"

"Yeah, I go, but not as much I'd like. I'm stuck here", he said, with what seemed like sadness in his eyes.

Than in another dream Sasha was back at school, a dream bubble arose.

Muna, Ahmed, Miguel and others were sitting bent over each of their individual texts. Sasha herself in the dream was sitting in some Levi dungarees, she was also wearing a black and green striped camisole that hung low, revealing none of the bosom, she had, and her legs sweeping the grounds in her Greek gladiator sandals, every one loved those sandals…She sat there as students came up to he desk. One by one, and asked for edits on their newest writing prompts with Sasha's writing rubric usually in their other hand.


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