Saturday, January 20, 2018

Weekend Writing Warriors #amwriting #amjoy

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No one likes it when their family life changes.  This is particularly hard for the Radtke's.  A troublesome girl named Tracey enters their lives and the children are an endless journey to make sure this girl doesn't get into any further trouble or cause their parents to lose their fostering license.  These are snippets from my second novella in the series, "Oh Tracey."

Last week
“Keep calm,” I whispered aloud to myself. “This doesn’t sound right.”
Zion heard me and said, “You know why it doesn’t sound right? Cuz it ain’t right. “We’ve been hiding behind this here dumpster in front of this here mall for an hour and I ain’t seen shit.”
There was no one coming out of the shop and no one on the street except for a few cabbies waiting patiently for customers to come out.
“Wait for it," I said.
All of a sudden, Tracey walked out of a store in a bright green sweater and red shiny shoes not so dissimilar to the ones Dorothy often wore. She looked over her shoulder several times.
‘Give it a break no one's following ya’ I wanted to say to her except for us that is.

This week

She pulled out a cigarette from her zebra skin purse.
“Told ya she smoked.”
“Shut up,” I said to Zion.
He threw up his hands.

Tracey stepped down from a curb onto the street and shielded her eyes. No one was coming at first and then a red Buick bull dozed its way towards us in the opposite direction. It was 1998, Jay-Z was streaming out the window. Tracey jumped back onto the curb. “Gosh dang it, Rishi,” she yelled. She tapped on the hood and then opened the back door and got into the backseat.
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