Sunday, December 17, 2017

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No one likes it when their family life changes.  This is particularly hard for the Radtke's.  A troublesome girl named Tracey enters their lives and the children are an endless journey to make sure this girl doesn't get into any further trouble or cause their parents to lose their fostering license.  These are snippets from my second novella in the series, "Oh Tracey."

Last week's

Ms. Ames-”
“Miss? Now, that’s a new way to say it.”
“Look, I’m here-” she coughed, “Because I’m looking for your foster sister, Tracey.” She seemed frustrated that the introduction was taking so long.
My face fell. “Oh gosh, what has Tracey done now?”
The screen door screeched as Ms. Not-a-reporter opened it wider and looked under my arm inside the house as if she’d find Tracey somewhere behind me.
She straightened herself and then put her hand into her coat pocket and took out a card, “This is my business card.”

This week

“This is my business card,” the woman said.
On the front it said, Ms. Patty’s handbags in curly letters with a big cat in the right hand corner. On the back it said nothing.
“Ms. Patty?” I said in amusement.
She patted her hair. “Why yes?”
“Um, you may want to meet my Uncle Roger. He has a little printing business and he may be able to help you out with your little business cards.”
She stared at me smug and said, “Shouldn’t you be in school or something?”

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