Sunday, December 17, 2017

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I went to Chaska, Minnesota. Nothing like seeing christmas lights set to trap music.

Also, people have been so giving to me lately.  I received a holiday card with an overdue candy cane from a woman who was going door to door giving them out.  And I live on the 10th floor so she realllllly made her rounds this year.  I also got a picture frame with one of those candid models inside that looked strikingly like my cousin Heather.  
I found out I have a certain likeness towards practical joker, Jack Jones.  Not only do we share the same exaggerated laugh but we also love to go up to people and ask them if they will kiss us.  Check him out sometime:


Reading: Hot Milk by Levy, DeborahAmericanah

AmericanahListening: Scrappy Little Nobody By Kendrick, AnnaAlmost Interesting
The Andy Cohen DiariesThe Memoir By Spade, DavidThe Andy Cohen Diaries:
A Deep Look at A Shallow Year By Cohen, Andy, Elon MuskTesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for A Fantastic FutureBy Vance, Ashlee

Watching:  The Good Doctor on Xfinity.



What Happened:

Writer, Robert Walton was interviewed

Posted a snippet from my novella for Weekend Warriors.  Shout-out to Diane Burton who also posts for #wewriwa

Up Coming:
Wednesday:Wordless Wednesday
Sunday:Weekend Warriors 

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