Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sheila and Derrick May Alexandria freakin' out over the misfortunate events

Sheila's body was now throbbing with achiness and she spat back tears of exhaustion. 

 Aunt June Bug's fly swatter appeared out of nowhere in a mirage, and Sheila swung out her her exactometer with a last burst of energy, and began swinging it three times until a few beads of light shown and touched the emergency level, near the handle for an indication to the the shoppe to transport someone to the past, and then she rested her head on the espresso table and fell into a deep sleep,, no long blurry eyes with Bernardo outside the shoppe, the klutz and misfortunate was asleep once again, for any of the nearest patrons to gaze at. 

Emergency in the past!!!! shouted Alexandria spinning towards the flashing red light below the cash register in the espresso shoppe. 

"Quiet it down" spoke John....he was looking out at the patrons guzzling down their caffeine habits , making plans with familiar historians regarding their next rendevoux into the past.

"Your right", Alexandria slapped her forehead, her white shining teeth shining and her braids tensing into each original position.

"What was I thinking!" she exclaimed.

"You know ever since those black suited inspectors came here, you've been working extra hard here...I think If I had to search around here, I wouldn't find a grain of this crap anywhere." he said.

 Gesturing to a handful of espresso beans he held in his hand, and pouring them into the ladle fountain so that each pebble was drowning and disintegrating, the characteristic of the bean coming alive and then vanishing under the mysticism of the concoction's spell.


"Its just that, I'm so excited!!!She bluffed. "Did you know that Kilaina reported back from New Orleans, 1950, All happy eyed and with a brand new look, she said she'd been singing in a club there, can you believe it? Kilana came into the shoppe the other day, and twirled three times, and said, "Do you like my dress?"

A vintage sundress, that came six inches above the knee with straps.

"You would have thought she was over doing it, but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she threw on a bonnet, a freakin' flowered bonnet", as if she was a Hollywood Icon. 

"Well did she walk out of here, with all the shanagain going on?" asked John, wildly, his hands flurlin' all over the place representing Kilana's mock rendevoux into past.

"No, she didn't walk out of her...But you would have thought she was a new women, I mean, "I'll be damn!!!!!!!!!, said Alexandria, as she took up her own handful of espresso beans and threw it into the fountain, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-it simmered. 

Alexandria remembered the emergency button, and said, this ain't no accident this time, this is real.  Alexandria walked back to the Shoppe's ladder and made her dissension. Global Dig style

all-inclusive, broad-minded, charitable, comprehensive, cosmic, cosmopolitan, diffuse, eclectic, ecumenical, extensive, generic, global , inclusive, indeterminate, large-scale, liberal, open-minded, planetary, receptive, tolerant, unbigoted, universal, unprejudiced, unsectarian, whole, wide, world-wide

Sandra Interview winning in the End

In the process of helping Sandra organize the crowd at the square, Joe was sticking loose ends of hair behind her ear and trying to tone down age-old-Somalian women, which was quite a process. Joe's tone needed more harshness with more direction, and the Somalian women just smiled out and looked over at the stone hedges that she was pointing out at as if to say " you want us to sit here?"

But when she pointed to Sandra they seemed to understand and flattened their burkas underneath their bottoms and found positions to sit.  Sandra was speaking to Ralph, his Global Dig not suiting him, but she was  looking intensely at him, her eyeliner and huge Hispanic eyes suggesting that if he didn't get on that stage at that moment, he's have it, from her.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sandra's review goes Viral

Are you going to wear that! Screamed Sandra at Joe.  At long last they were going to get publicity on their review on TV (surprisingly enough).

 "I'll wear what I wanna wear" said Joe and brushed over her shoulder a black scar that curved around her bouldery shoulders and straw sandals to offset her look.  "

"Your wearing too many clothes...they're gonna make you look shorter", said Sandra to Joe

Being Hmong and semi-fat, Joe had the bad genes in the family and didn't feel it necessary to change her looks whosoever.

Whatever"! Joe exclaimed, "I'm comfortable".  You couldn't change Joe, she was ever changeable on her own accord.  Sandra tried to add some flair to her looks with a black boyfriend coat and darker than normal jeans.

"Well, let's go then! We ain't got all day.

The crowd at the square grew to an enormous amount due to Sandra's shout out on face book and random calls around.  In the middle of the square stood happy Somalians in big burkas, thanks to Sandra's review on Safari restaurant, the Somalian community came to love Sandra's twist on what real fine dining is.

There they stood in big burkas a sea of colors shining forth and taking hold of the stage....if the crowd was supposed to lower her confidence, it had no such effect.  Sandra was walking around the whole square taking pictures with individuals.  Her long, black, thick hair swaying to and fro and some spectators nearly dodged her hair as it lashed out and grazed their faces to some degree.

 "Well , I didn't know know this was gonna happen." Joe was fast texting and streaming a play-by-play into her sidekick so the words could hammer out a broad demand for more people to show up.

Someone handed Sandra a police intercom and with that Sandra told people to stand or sit on the square's stone hedges and rocks that bordered the square enclosing them in so that their talk could be more intimate, much like a campfire get together.

In between texts, Joe was rearranging table clothes and chairs for lead speakers to sit, and directing young kids to where the should go and play while the speeches were underway.

Global Dig 

Snow in britain+Bachelorette Winner Jef Holm To Move In Near Emily In North Carolina!



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