Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sasha-Going back to London

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May be going back to UK....... thought Sasha, she  just left their a couple weeks ago and flung all of her stuff in random places in her house, her suitcase left unpacked for days in back of the cold porch where her uncle's winter, bycycle stayed and where the Christmas ornament  currently were stacked all the way to the ceiling.  To fish out that luggage could be a task.  Thought Sasha...

So would the idea that she would hear that same ring tone "buzz, buzz ,buzz escalating every other moment, until their was no more escalating..Sasha was nervous about going back...she remembered seeing the looks of the Italians who were trying to get jobs there....before she went their as a vacation, but now a lifestyle how could that be?  It would be a tremendous risk she thought..  It was crossing time zones, it was living in the semi-fast lane and learning things faster then ever..

and what with Jenks m he wanted her to go, he said thy had "unfinished business there. "   Unfinished business, what the H@@! no way was fun the first time, but could she possibly live their amongst the locals, who were constantly hustling and bustling and now look at the tourists in the same way the tourists looked at her when she was there..she would be sitting on the tube this time with books, instead of maps...hahahha, that would impress Nehwon, he'd laugh in her face, at the fact that she somehow managed to figure things out..."Ha, HA ha...

She knew she had to make changes though...She's go from teaching kids that didn't want to learn and barely made it to school thanks to the bus system, To kids whose only challenge that didn't include blizzards like in Minnesota, was whether their parents were feeling the pinch to get their kids to school there on time...She'd go from looking at the foreigners with humility to struggling just like one of them....

Sure, she could used to the idea of taking any inconceivable job, but what about making a difference back in her own home?  What about giving up ideas like writing for a big publication, or spending time with the same groups of foreigners like she did back home, people like Josephine, and N, people like cheet, and Nehwon, people like Moh and who knows who else who invited her to weddings and festivals, she'd be going from a world of discovery to a world of discovered, no looking back...this is a big takes great courage lost of fasting and lots of continuous risk taking..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Misty, Hush a bye, Italian

One more time team" lounge, lounge forward, don't be scared, she strained, and from the door enter EMAN hanging from his lips was his cig...he looked almost ready to jump on the stage...Sandra knew she was in for a bantering...from this Italian..He spoke from the back of His throat, pants hangin' right to his torso, showing off his slender legs, pants tucked into his Adidas sneakers...His voice escaping from the back of his throat..

.What could only tell would be a yell ..."let-ta-mee-ya watch you" he said...Meaning, he wanted to show you how dance was done...By all means, Misty thought,  In fact why don't you just start strumming that guitar of yours, and tell us vaguely what you mean.  I'm sure my TEAM has ALL DAT... to listen to you...Sandra though...He just wanted the opportunity to try...and what with that being said...EMan took out a metal loose frame standing against the stage and began to strum his fake guitar an 8 count, 5,6,7,8 ta -di top -dop- da- bip -dop, -dop, -dop -dop, he just nodded at the audience, as if they knew this was their turn to begin, and with that they started to free style a rhythm very individual...

You all came to Italy, to have a good meal, You enjoy"...All right team...Lets take a break...Misty announced ...some grinned from the sidelines.. Eman's friendly disposition reminded Misty what  hand are ror, for inner kid...Unlucky the inner kid...and most was so dependable that it could make someone in control of themselves, at the end of the day....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Faith+ Derrick and Drunk, Baa, Baa, Black Cheap

Faith decided to go with Kenia under one condition, and that was that Kenia would reveal her Man by the end of the night, Kenia had to show her boss that she could get one more immigrant to declare the status after all and her boss would get off her case and perhaps give her the promotion that would allow her to wear what she wanted..and upgrade, fashion, black skirts and jacket that supposedly turned American women, from menial statues to corporate status and along with it corporate money, a job where she was in charge and therefore had a man secretary whom she could place on hold and tell him a thing or two about what was what and who called the shots after all..

And she looked on thinking about something that didn't exists...tired of the status she wanted out, and

even misty took Derick's Ideas, with a passing of the hand, she thought derrick was drunk again and she looked around the place to see his Californation...inside of the house she knew that he stashed it on empty corners on his entertainment center, the fact that he put in thin, plastic cups was no surprise to her, it was cool aide, it was alcohol of the strongest sort and it was funny the way he tried to dance and practice routines now days, it was as if he was holding an invisible plastic cup in his hand arm stretched out, barely caring if the imaginary vodka would fall from his grasp..


But now as she walked in his place, she saw Derrick, he was sitting on his bathroom floor looking out...Misty got scared for a moment, the picture of a story her old friend had told her stood out in her mind..about a 17 year old boy who had overdosed on Ecstasy and alcohol and had died foaming at the mouth..
but derrick wasn't like that he was just in a trance...she edged closer to him, her stilettos hitting each of the cracks on the white tiled floor..and inches away from Derricks legs, she sat and looked at him wandering outloud if he wasn't going to get the fact that she was staring at him.  "Derrick", she said, "DERRICK!" she said louder this time. and he seemed to role into consciousness this time..She felt sick staring into the sink that was dripping with orange stomach contents and bile..she touched Derrick and asked him, "Are you alright?" he seemed to want to know that himself, wiping his mouth and a half look of amazement coming to his face, as he took looked at the sink with its impeding orange contents half dripping on the floor, he thought he may hurl once more, but than considered it, under Misty's presence...
He grabbed the toilet for support as he struggled to get himself up, and a bunch of questions came to his mind at once..


Thursday, January 5, 2012

London sister falling down


Sasha knew Norbu by now that he wouldn't just meet her at some government building near town..that's where he liked to hold any number of his gatherings with the Tibetans, a flashback of the Tibetan boy who was in the turn style door on her way up to jenk's office came into her mind..No if he was to meet her, he would most likely want to meet her in a restaurant, where he could relax..Relax amongst the huge cauldrons of water: boiling vegetables.  Norbu used to  stir those hot cauldron's, at his former job, with his steel, 3 foot, stirring wand while he used to talk with any number of employees who wanted to chit chat...water boiling and the contents of chili petering off the sides of the cauldron..
Sasha tried to think of a restaurant where she could meet him, and failed to think of any Tibetan restaurants, now that she thought of it, their weren't ANY.  In fact, as far as Asian cuisine was concerned, the closest thing that came to mind was "Little Sister's" the red bordering of the restaurant stretching in her mind, where china town met its way with on comers: who may or may not have time to consider its elegance and greeted its Chinese culinary-making abilities.

They'd go there, South Kingsington, she thought to herself. And with that she sent the same incriminating ring tone back to Norbu, who answered it and briefly considered Sasha's options, and told her he'd meet her in five.

"If and IF, she was able to make it there ON TIME." And with that, Sasha was on another rampage: fidgeting with her hand, held map and coordinating stops to meet her friend.

Making her way into M & H, before Norbu's arrival.  There was something about shopping before meeting someone that made shopping all the more urgent.  And when she walked in the place, she was thrilled!!!!!!!!!

Inside the store was like a child's, barbie fantasy.  The same way she had thrown all her barbies' assorted items everywhere, as a kid.  There they were...  Small heels, small hats, with brushes, shirts, mini skirts, etc.    This time it was "life like".

Women really were picking up boots and shoes, and tossing them here and there: to their own wanting, Women really were fingering through what seemed to be EVERY single item to their own fancy: piecing together outfits in their imagination.  Picking out accessories, and standing in twisting lines, where M &H purposely set out more accessories to customer's delights, so that when they were finished buying, they weren't REALY finished buying, they had their choices of rings and things, scruchies and hair clamps to their liking.

Sasha absolutely loved this store!!!!  How she ever managed to escape the black, dressing rooms to make it to the cashier on time, was the question.

Hickory, Dickory, Gyro

Sandra seemed to care little about the studio in those days, she was countin' the time in between her job as a studio secretary and her writing at Cordam's newspaper. She was excited going to the Cordom's newspaper, as they sent her everywhere these days. Taking out her planner she flipped to July 14 and scanned to the fifth column, noting that it said hemrick's deli, taking a glance at her pom pilot, and then googling it, she noticed that a review was written on the restaurant previously, it said:

"Fast paced dining established serving Mideastern and African cuisine and buffet, not including the deli that served 200 daily fresh guru pockets so savory that contents included anything from lettuce, onions, sour cream fresh lamp, goat and kabab".

She stopped and thought about the last time she had a gyro, a white flaky gyro over on uptown, yes she remembered it was when in her early Nom days, where her South American companion at the time, loved food, but not any food, they had to have African cuisine and a daily basis, Sandra wasn't accustomed to it at the time, but her first taste of the savory goat meat and grease in a nice, juicy pocket, screamed fulfillment, and she made a note to get a gyro while she did the restaurant review.


There had to be these savoury moments, she had to allow herself these small indulgences, or how else was she supposed to get through workin' two jobs and managing any sort of well being.

Closing the planner with a slam, she was irritated, that Brenda, thee Miss. Brenda, came over with the payment, "You will be coming back to us again, at Shelm's studio" next Tuesday she said, taking the exact $10.00 that Brenda had filed straight in her hand.

Brenda nodded "yes", although she couldn't be too certain, the place seemed unorganized and there were no business cards, schedules or customary billing system that she remembered from her old studio days, in fact there was this feeling of scam she felt without all these customary that made Brenda feel foul inside. She did it yes, but how she made it through was something else.

Sandra, just stared down at her new manicured nails, faining interest. Taping her finger nails, she got up and escorted Brenda to the door, if she had to give the girl directions in the first place, she'd probably lose her way out as well.  Not to deny it, this place had two exits, anyone could get confused. "Have a nice day", she said, escorting her out. "Oh, I will," she said, scurrying out to her car, like a young active superstar, "I've got to get to work, it starts at 3:00, or I would have stayed longer."   "Oh, I hope you make it!" said Sandra.

Sandra, walked back in the place studying the place for a moment, before she too grabbed her Louie" as she called it, her Louie cuteur bag, and strode off to her  red Buick, stepping in it was hot that day and sticky, and smelled, never mind she loved it all the more, her cherry stem dangling off the rear view mirror, and her Betty Boop leather seat covers made her car dashing, a pleasant one, it made her feel like a motorcyclist without the actual motorcycle. Rolling down the window, flipping that mirror above in her visor one time checking her curvy lips, she smacked them, and resisted the urge to call randy a new beau, whom she loved with a passion. She looked over her window with a final glance towards Brad street and headed towards the deli..


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