Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faith and Kenia's house

  Pouch your Lips.  "Huh Faithy" Luciado said.  Faith motioning to her and Luciado did so, a brown lip liner drizzled her lips with a brown coffee smelling gloss, enlaid with the words "Cappachino" Faith examined her work and too the same Cappachino gloss and dragged it over her lips, tasting the cappochino.
Faithy deciding to make-up herself on a similar get-up to Kenia's house, if they were to convince Kenia, she'd have to wear a similar style

Faithy deciding to make-up herself on a similar get-up to Kenia's house, if they were to convince Kenia, she'd have to wear a similar style with similar trademarks maybe the superfluous of Faith's look would put Kenia at ease.  "Two Chingons" out on the town.  Descending upon Kenia's house eventually that night .  Kenia seemed to have ideas of her own for the night

They all Ran after the Farmer's Wife

If it was up to her.  Misty would dance anywhere and she did.  Dance in every type of shoe, a sponsor for shoes, she was.  Waling and making meeting with St. Mary's shelter she wrote various speeches for the homeless and demonstrated with her own dance team.  A dance so simple the children of St. Mary's didn't like it much, particularly Louise and Barbara.

Barbara made a comment.  "You look Like a penguin Clock Blocker" and for a second Misty looked at her, and told her to "Have at it".  Right there in the press conference, because with all the funds she produced from choreography dances for various artists. She managed to get enough funds for "St. Mary's hospital and enough funds meant that a whole studio was to be built right next to the lobby surrounded with mirrors and hardwood floors.  The homeless were literally allowed to come in with everything.  Three bags, which they had many, plastic ones.  Ones tied various ways.  She had a plan with them, But knew it would be hard. 

Barbara showed her a new move, naming it "Slapjack" Misty thought it was a joke, but nevertheless allowed it.  For anything she new it was the the press would take it and own it.  If Misty showed on her face she was open to it.  She smiled her Grace smile from "Will and Grace" and "I Love Lucy" look that said she was "down" and jugged down some "Fuji" water.  Her energy and apprehension picking up.  Press conferences weren't her thing,.  But opening up a Studio in a Homeless shelters  weren't her "Thing" either. SO WHAT.
So she'd come back.

Sasha took one look at Jenks.

"What do you Mean its approved?  "We like it!   Its in affect right Now." said Jenks

"Now get the Hell out of my face, because I can't stand that yellow, and especially you wearing it."  Her sundress.  She forgot, and without another look from Jenks, she ran down the hall.  Flip Flops almost trippin' her and she phoned Misty.

"You there?" exclaimed Sasha. "Yes, I'm there."  "Thanks for the news, I thought for sure Jenks was going to Bust my balls for comin' over here, and there you are fingerin' through the funds, so excited, you couldn't tell anyone, could you Misty?"  So typical, so freakin' typical, it makes me sick.

Sasha, mad beyond belief took a quiet little break to think over at Saint Charles bakery, it was the only thing she could do, to keep her kewl.

Misty decided she would phone Derrick
"Yeah man..let me tell you something real quick and listen all the way through, I want you to think"  well, let me just say that what I'm trying to do is for real and I don't want any smack talk from you, smack talk, this girl and her smack talk said derrick turn in his head, lookin' up at the ceiling. spinning on his chair just once.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Alexandria and Firecracker Job

How did Alexandra come up with this concoction was unbelievable.  The wig was just a play for making everyone believe that customers were having a mental breakdown.  For when They came home and told their families that they rode on a horseback in the country or took a carriage ride and met        and        .

Everyone could easily believe they were off their rocker  But when they rode by the Cafe and saw the patrons were waring coiffures, they thought they were taking part in a secret society.  Reenacting stories from that time. telling each other what it was like to live in the 18th century.  wearing coiffures.  Bringing whole lots of historians to the shop.  After all the shop did advertise that Shakespearean impersonators would recite sonnets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays approximately 7:30-9:30.  The exact times for which the patrons told their families that they were "lost" in the 18th century.  "Quite convincing" "Yes" one would say.

"Just tell me, one more time, where you came up with the concoction"? asked Sheilia

 Why should I?"  you told me I 'stole" it from "Books are us"  don't even try to interrogate me, said Alexandra faining, tapping her manicured nails to rim of the porcelain sink that Shiela installed.  Everything in the shoppe ringed of vintage, from the old fashioned gold-framed solid mirrors with detailed golden fringe to the bear fur carpeting,to the bar style counter tops and of course procelain tea cups.  that would later hold the steaming liquid that stole patrons minds and forced them into the century life where life was far less complicated, and men found omen and everything took time, with patrons only having enough patience this time for courting rituals.  with these new male counterparts who spoke to them with poetry instead of words.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sandra,Three Blind Mice

Sandra stood On Jenks floor, just lookin down from the fourth floor at all the pedestrians below.  This used to be her and tserin's favorite past time.  Well, that and her brother's.  They'd take the time to stare out at pedestrians.  See what their shoe's said about that person.  And it was kinda funny at the time.  The Reboks with the straps across the top.  It said very much about the elderlies habits.  She had a different perspective about the elderly altogether at that time.


On her day off, after apologizing perversely to Sheila about why she disappeared that day.  Alexandra spent her time outside on break with the vegetation, long strong, spouting plants juxtaposed with concrete slabs than jutted out surrounding the cafe joint giving pedestrians enough sitting room to sit and chat with their cafe lattes siddled by the side. giving them an excuse to sit in the sun.  Some pople did.  They sun baked.  it was their local.


Zig Zag, spin your head, whip down that Afro put hair. Misty had the idea to throw some wigs on their hair at the last minute.  Put some Gold slinky dresses on the five dancers and stacks, stacks, unbalanced some of the tallest dancers.

Derick's just lit a cigarette and puffed out and watched.  He was due for a hair braid, and in fact he looked quite sleazy, earring grey painter painters with a plaid, white, grey and red shirt hangin' out of his wife beater shirt with some torn air force ones, in front of their sponsors.  who wore suits to the audition.  they were to supply their dance team with shoes that year.  But Derick was in such a hurry to scramble out of his house that morning that he was surprised he still had a twisty hair tie around his rough lookin' hair.  Lookin' at Misty turnin' his squad into a prep squad straight out "++++++++++" movie.


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