Friday, February 4, 2011

#20-Brenda, Holly wood star

Brenda, Hollywood star, stood in the computer lab for the first time she felt an excitement like no other, was she going to accept Derick's offer and bring in his dancers, the excitement was overwhelming, on one end she could bring in the dancers, with the expectation that they would bring full light to everything she had been trying to do over the last couple of years, and along with it the people she met everywhere.

 Sheila's attention in that moment was the most focused. she cracked her neck two times and continued to look on.  She knew that she would go home and prepare for the dance exactly that night. The two, eight counts and  three-three counts, he'd put her in the spotlight for sure, it was just a matter of what she thought she would wear and what she wanted to accomplish at that point; No One could stop her.

First she would get that gigantic mirror for her room, and practice rigorously, whatever moves Derrick would put together, and quite surely he must have had a lot, and she would just have to see what they were.

Her focus and desire to get through that night's song rehearsal made her think so strongly about what she was doing, all of sudden she was proud of who she was and her ability to stand out in a crowd and her ability to show up in gymnasium. 

She was a part of this enormous amount of people who road their cars to the sound of hip hop music and they road with thee utmost confidence.

There was this guy in Duluth, Brenda knew that when he walked across the street he caught a lot of people's eyes. Why?  Because  he was special and he had that air about him, that made you think that he could probably break dance in the middle of the street; to the sound of hip hop music. 

If you knew anything about this special group of people you knew that they loved to show off, show off their muscles, show off their ability to make friends and do things out of no where.  Yes, they loved their little cars made just for them and the ability to do just about anything.


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