The writer is working on a book of short stories this is the overall Plot of the characters.

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As these survivors of Minnesotan Blizzards and economic plunders plan to make a life for themselves in Minneapolis.

Here is an update on their current situations:                             

Sasha is a high school teacher, who has moved to the UK to teach at London Art's School (also a suggestion made by Jenks). She is exploring the city and finds it amusing, riding on the tube with her colleague Kamila. 

Her Teaching Coordinator of the London Arts School: Isabel, has military background (which may help her) and is the first to get her orientated to the school. But Sasha has a hard time as she remembers her former students back in the States, and her commitment to them at one time.

Derrick  is a dance choreographer and  instructor whose aim is to become famous and create dances for famous hip hop music videos and on-stage performances.  He is in desperate need of help.  As a recovering, alcoholic, he wants his studio to be the best! He hires Melissa, an elite dancer who pushes Derrick to think past Misty (Misty's dance theatre is proving to be better than Derrick's). He also has ties to  Brenda, a top Holly wood dancer, who tries to help him resurrect his dance company.  And Derrick also has  Ms. Vivienne, his costume designer who helps him.

part 2 In these sections the audience will be introduced to Barbara, a friend of Derrick’s who currently works at a youth group home and brings her clients to his studio so that they can learn how to hip hop dance.  He is surprised to hear back from a magazine that wants to video tape his studio because they were impressed by him and his overall approach to hip hop dancing, integrating culture to the world of dance. This brings him into reminiscing about how his studio got started with introduction to his first receptionist for the studio: Sandra.  Sandra’s role in his studio will later be pertinent as she is also a journalist and has various connections to media outlets that will help his studio become well known.  

The introduction of Sandra’s story transitions into the story of Hollywood singer Brenda.  Brenda got her start as an artist by taking hip hop classes at Derrick’s studio.  That initial contact with him studio allowed her to meet an agent who told her to audition for a music competition, similar to American Idol.  Derrick tells Brenda that he will choreograph a dance for her next music video, but Brenda doesn’t like his approach.  In retaliation to Derrick, Brenda invites another dance choreographer to Hollywood, so that both he and Misty will have to compete for their place in her music video.

Part 4-Derrick began round one of Brenda’s dance competition.  In these next sections readers will see what an inner city dance competition looks like.  Readers will meet Derrick’s rival dance choreographer, Misty, who is also competing for a chance to go to Hollywood and bring her dancers for Brenda’s onstage performance.  Misty has created an unusual dance that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.  Unfortunately his own dance crew doesn’t show nearly the potential of Misty’s.  His crew fidgets during practices and shows poor dance enthusiasm two nights prior to their own competition. Also because his studio burnt to the ground, Derrick decides to find a new studio that will inspire him and his dancers.  On his first tour of studios he comes across one in uptown Minneapolis, currently in use by teenage Improv actors.  He watches  their performance carefully and sees some ideas that he will later use for his dance. He checks out another theater used by a Filipino acting theatre and decides the theater is too small.  He finally finds one that is perfect for his dance and it incorporates modern lighting and use of laser beams. His studio puts on their first performance which serves as a break from their current competition. 

Sandra is a writer and spends most of her time with international friends Like Joe from Laos and Muy from Morocco, who introduce her to foreign cuisines.  She got herself into some trouble by writing a review on Big Banger's Deli, whose owner basically told her "She's better show him a place that serves better cuisine than his." With that being said she's on the way to Safari, a Somalian Bistro that is sure to upscale Big Banger's Deli.

On the day she has made the review, Sandra has found that the press wants a bigger review and invited the whole Franklin community to side with either Big Banger's Deli or Safari.  The communities fascination about both restaurants has led to a huge turn out at the square where Sandra will be holding a speech of all speeches to voice her opinion on each Bistro.

Sheila is a coffee shop owner. One of her employee's:Alexandria found a concoction that is able to transform people into the past, with a single shot of expresso.  Currently Sheila is in London, where she is in searching for Bernado (a patron to her coffee Shoppe) who is messing up the historical past.  

Luckily enough, why Sheila is in the past she has support from two of her employees: John and Alexandria who are working out a plan to bring back Sheila, and understand the significance of the espresso's concoction and its real magical power.

Jenks is an arch enemy to everyone in the blog. He has MONEY, and He has plans to take down anyone who is making any success either in their career pursuits or personal lives, he's much like the villain in "Inspector Gadget."

Faith is working as a social worker, in a dead end job.  Her racist boss tells her to seek out and report Kenia, and El Salvadoran whose husband is most wanted for illegal crimes, and Faith is in the mix of finding out the truth, all the while; dealing with her own cultural clash of living alongside drug addicts and hoodlums.


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