Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Faith+ Mary had a Little Lamb

kenia just sort of looked at Luciado, taking her in, and brushing back her hair in her center pony, well, I dont' got all day she said, taking a once over, they were on their way out to the casino, and did Faith want to go?  want to go, she was her case worker after all, interfering in the delicate case lives would definitely be what her supervisor "          " said was off limits, but who cares, she took one look and said " oh hell" grabbed luciado by the shoulder and whispered, were gonna meet ranchacho later okay?
but...........stammered luciado, wandering to herself what caused this change of events, but going along with it, why not..
alright, we gotta be good tonight, she spoke to luciado, in a condescending fashion, luciado sort of looked up and down at her.

"No No, I don't have time to talk to you right now", said derrick he was on the way of the house, invitation to a sort of wedding He thought himself lucky who knows Layla, was supposed to be there and he would be accompany his friend Omar as a DJ, his friend said he couldn't miss this , it wasn't exactly high fashion, but throwing ON a black overcoat and black suit shirt with faded block jeans he'd go, a small flask in his pocket he might need it, being that omar said it was a club scene but similar, whatever that means. 

Now this, is not what he expected he thought walkin in, giving Omar a shake he thought this was definitely no something he thought and with that he walked over to the corner of the ballroom with Omar, he'd feel almost felt like he was somewhere else for that brief moment, instead on top of a pizzeria in a ballroom fit for just one hundred or more of the bride's closest friends, walkin' in he was surprised to

 see the flashy bright dresses of everyone in the room, and the big bud donka donks of many of the women, there hear brushed out and there look in their eyes as if someone hot was looking over there shoulder, he sort of smiled out of them, knowing that this must be the night of his life, being the only two men in the room that night, he would be the object of many  people's affection.  Alright, i can live with this he thought to himself, and with that he stood with his friend behind the dj table lookin' on, grabbing a glass from from a nearby he poured his flask in the champagne glass not even inconspicuously, after all he was already slightly toasted from an earlier encounter and it was all he  needed to take on the dance floor of this African paradise.

his friend through on the record, blasting it so load, the only to be heard was the love song of some singer playin on the keyboard, and he sort of sand his heart it all of the women dancing along, their walk to the dance floor being done in saunters of rhythm, there was no casual walking out to the floor, everyone took their insistent friend and dragged them out and all of sudden there were at least 20 women on the floor, slowly dancing, and making it their mission to show off, they were on a planet of their own, those women of the dancing party.

And derrick imagined what he could do with this new dance style, it was unique, yes, but what exactly could he do with it?  Women dancing with one another, without any men in sight...he thought about Brenda and her request to get dancers, and he knew that he would have to choreograph



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