Thursday, September 9, 2010

#19-Sasha and Here is my Handle, here is my Spout

"No, I don't think so, that's just not how we do it around here. well that's fine, if you think so, uh huh, well good day to you"...Sasha slamed the phone down, she had this idea to have the kids study one of the most brilliant artistic works, of time, and she would not be chided into believing that this wasn't a possibility. 

There has got to be a way...she picked u the phone and began to scan the directory again, calling each sponsor one by one, they had to understand this was a matter of believing and than really believing, these kids needed as many magical experiences as they could possibly get, they needed something to wake up to, something that

 they would enjoy and remember enjoying so that when they are lazy old adults they can remember something in particular that keeps there drive, that study time, that hazy between time, when they could just be themselves without thinking that time was controlling them and they couldn't be who they wanted to be in college.  so sasha began picking thought the directory one more time, and then she came across it, ah huh!

she exclaimed and studied the dame, tykes hoop jars, an organization that sponsors inner city theatrical experiences and education development. she read through their mission statement their previous newsletters of who they had sponsored and for what particular reason and resources, she tried at all aims to think of how they would match up with her own, and she came up with a half dozen and frowned, she seemed to be at a road

  • Sasha called up her friend N, she would know what to do and with that it was a simple call and n picked up, well if you think its necessary of course, lets get together te gang then, your gang, sasha grinner, rememberberin the old days, when she just watched the gang from the sidelines as they played basketball in the park, norbu, tsering, nweon and the rest.  they'll be up to it? you think? of course, norbu just got done writing the documentary in tibet.  she pictured norbu running around Tibet interviewing peoples about their experience in exile. Good all norbu, short, funny with a twinge of smile that helped him, talk to the ladies,

despite his short disposition.  nobu and his political thinking, he was the picture of debate, thought he knew history and world history and current events from the beginning.  norbu and politicians norbu and used . How do you know all that?  she asked him one day, the Tibetan times, dah, how many times had she watched him at her previous job as he scanned the online newspaper, all of the Tibetans did, their countries refutable containment to the world of politics was held on the line, and this small vision into the situation,, even written in their language, made the young and old Tibetans at the work site gravitated towards this computer, like it was the call-to-call of just what the Buddha was going to do and just what the enemy would do next.  norbu was the one who stood there the most during break times, she remembered, she told to him, and he said how he went to the capital on regular visits to protest.

"Okay, so we got norbu, tsering, and n but what about the others?  what others, if this is to be done, we need someone is rather outspoken, yeah norbu, speaks on behalf of people in the union at the hospital, but that makes him no prime minister.  he's quiet for god's sake, for the most part, timid, and reluctant to do things. well, when you put it that way...sad her friend, holding the cordless phone to her lips, thought shifting

from one person to another, anyone from her past that had so much a political mind, and she could only come up with people outside of the Tibetan community, she had knew dozens of people who could speak smack...hell, they spoke smack to her on a daily bass, buttons that spoke smack for the right reasons, this was complicated.  she rubbed her forehead and bony high cheekbones, and shiftin' in her tight nylon pants, yes, this would be a situation of its own...why did Sasha have to do everything for these kids, anyway?  didn't they have a school administration that was even remotely supportive of these kids?
Sasha, haven't you even spoke to dean Polanski, he should be able to help scramble up some funds that pull these kids through.  he doesn't realize these kids, talents.  and besides that money is only allocated to programs in the school that have to do with strictly academics, this is theatre, the school is not even supposed to touch theatre, according to Islamic principals, well, this might just be too hard for you to handle.  and with that, nor cupped her mouth, she knew that this was a mistake.  You don't think I can handle it YOU don't think I CAN handle we go thought nor. 
that's exactly the reason i want to do it, this school needs that push, they have never done anything once to make to the Trib, and for what reasons she couldn't demise, but with all the school lawsuits, made against the school, this would be the first time they would make it for something ACADEMIC , didn't nor understand that! Sasha thought, wrinkling her nose, a very habit she didn't in counteracting disappoint or ridicule from others, and than she rumbled away from the bone, pointed her toes, dug them into the ground like a ballet artist and jumped up too times, peroting and teaching herself how to do a poterburre against this obvious attempt to dissuade her and bring her very self esteem to a low gravitation.  We'll see Sasha said, finally her thoughts racing once again.

Hadn't nor said that norbu spoke up for her when she was discriminated at the hospital, wasn't it NOR the one who stood beside Rob and told the hospital off, how i wasn't right what they were doing, they had countless discussions on belief and what belief could do for you if you believed in it...

Thinking about it had stemmed something inside of Sasha, that made her call up Inquire, the latest corporation of security to hit the market, it was so-called said, that this company alone had more in its name than the multiple millionaire compare, espaire, whose newest clothing, catered to the very symbols and designs of the very people who bought them.

but what seemed to stand out the most to Norbu was this idea of success and walking around the hospital it made him feel that he had to give back,

so he called back Sasha, and told her his two new suggestions that he had in mind, pristine as they were he didn't know if they would work, but he knew that he had to at least run it by her.  that was his take on most things, go, go go for it, and whenever you feel like you made a mistake remember that you took a tremendous risk, and that risk goes with out saying that it will be a tremendous one...........

the next day when Norbu sat outside of the rainy hallows of the the clinic, leaning against a pole as he had been up all night and feeling quite


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