Saturday, August 7, 2010

# 18 Derick, Brenda, ALL the kings Horse, All the kings MEN

Brenda had one last rehearsal before she'd go home for the day, she drank tea, the recommended kind with lemon, and froze when out the window she saw the most incredualous thing, a small plot of farmland, unusual in the holllywood world, and yet there it was Brenda would have to aslk someone about it, a set quite surely, maybe a jane austen film, or somethng. 
she walked back of the set, and there in f

photoVila's parents cook outside of their house on a porch in the front, much like back home, she cooks fried eggs and chicken to keep the smell out of the house"she says. the door is locken the the middle of the afternoon, their house in the middle of minneapolis, two blocks from lowry one of the most dangerous areas of minneapolis.

In the back of their home is a chick coop, where opium grows ont the side fo the house along fences, it was the first time I had ever seen opium, and in the front of the hosue grows red, green, and yellow peppers growing straight from the root. We pick some off and throw them in a glad -wrap bag. the hmong community love to farm their small plantations along community parks, each family's plot is separated by tall stick baracades, the grow. and the sticks are collected throughout the year and stored in bunches outside of section eight homes in the middle of Saint Paul, -name of compound and lake in saint paul?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#16-Derrick and Gettin' steamed up

five, six, seven,eight...
after pickin' out a few of the great oldies, Derek took out his wallet from the his back pocket and called Brenda, Brenda was at the music studio when he ahs called, and it came as great timing, brenda was in one of her "Good" moods as derek could recall, not in all of her haughtiness, "this is my world, your on my terms", which derek hated, hell he brought brenda to this world of game and he deserved any sort of favor, he sat there for a moment, thinking of how to present his proposition, and Sheila would listen.

Or he would have to just go back home, and drink a bit more, call his mom, and his ex and have a long, drawn out, rigid chat about house upkeeping and complain to his ex wife up her getting up and leaving him.


 Derek just said it straight out to Brenda "Now this is what I want you to do . I'll meet you at the studio and give you the 4-1-1 on the choreography.  You'll need Nine.  Nine dancers, give me a break Brenda, this is my show...i have the spotlight , you'll listen when I say you need 9 dancers, you hear..."said Derek.

A sort of control takin' over him, he could picture squeezing Brenda's fair, neck if Brenda had any inclination that she was going to do what she wanted at this point.  And when he heard footsteps walking in his direction, he softened his voice.

"No Brenda, you know I have been there for you, and I really want this to happen, ok darling?  Okay sweetie,?" he changed his tone, revealing a not-so-funny demeanor that made for a business man rather than a killer,

"I want this to happen, you know this is the best thing for your career, dancing on stage is becoming the hit of hits, your music and fantastic your voice will shine out,  with backup dancers that enhance you and all your sexiness, okay, dear?"

He'd change nicknames for her every other second until she would finally give in, and this would reassure Derek of his success, if Brenda finally caved. 

Brenda kind of just stared out at hair bright, makeup mirror and thought of what she would need to do the rest of the day. Paying only a small mind to Derek and they way he spoke, she could picture him, and the very music that brought her here in the first place, the repetition of beats and style.  The total control that came from watching a rapper's swagger a demand of their lyrics, much as Derek's demand over her at this moment, and she remembered something that she had read somewhere, that said, JUST GO WITH IT, so she said, "YES Derek".  and Derek replied softly, "I see that you remember where you came from..."


#15 Mr. Jenks and His PLAN

Mr. Jenks, gave him the plan written it on yellow pad paper if that was all the dignified of  him, no it wasn't a hit man plan, but it might as well have been, the number sequence of events that jenks had in mind, made John chuckle under his breath,

"well, I'll be darn," this is not the usual run around that jenks gave  him, but he would see to it that it was done, jenks was stern in giving out the orders in the end, now, don't miss a step, as this has to be full proof, I won't have any mistakes, mind you, and it ripped d out the plan, which he seemed tol have pain staking wrote before John had even entered the office that day, John's squirrly demeanor and gone away once jenks had sat him down in the chair to have "the talk" and little did he know of this ardent plan, but John had taken the plan, the plan and walked bent shouldered looking at his feet on the way out, there was something about his boss that made him want to stump, as if this would give his boss some kind of pleasure, jenks being 20 years older, he thought all bosses like him wanted to to be in control, just a bit small part of this possession here in America,

 John had came over seven years ago, and thought he was beginning to know all about Americans and there fast paced desires, there need for challenge, money, fame desire, they outrageous claims to outside things that had nothin' to do with family or community.  he still remembers the first time, that he seen bent over ms. Hutchinson, peering over to get her paper, every morning outside of his apartment.  Hello, Ms Hutchinson, he said in his best English, ms. Hutchinson scowled at him, under her glasses and marched in her room, after pickin' up the paper and slammed the door, you were either shy in this country or too damn arrogant, sharing every damn fact of your personal life, he thought, hell despite never sharing a tad bit of info with john over at Inner bean, the poor cashier shared everything with john about life, his girlfriend, his school, rock bands, and what he planned to do with what money he made at inner bean. 

I'm buying a    , yeah, this has been what I wanted since I was a kid.  john sort of just looked at him, without looking, nodding occasionally and picked up his and jenks coffee and left..

jenks had the yellow pad paper, yes, and the first thing he had on it in blue, scrawly, barely written out letters were the tiny words.

                                                             Meet DeBlanc at DeBlanc's bakery. 

 Jenks sat there for a second.

 "Why did Americans even try to transcribe a message on paper with handwriting that they presumed made sense to everyone?

 So presumptuous they were in their writing, appearances, looks, etc, thought Jenks to himself.

"OK DeBlanc, here we come"

Holding out the car's unlocking mechanism" Bleep, bleep, sounded the alarm to the Charger, a burrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the engine, and Jenks was off, to Deblancs.  Her address written even tinier, in scrawls, barely legible.  Jenks knew all the streets, it wasn't like his country-back home.  But stepping out onto the white pavement, into Deblancs bakery, it was quite the sight to see.  A sign in french letters, held the name....


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